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July 2016




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Sep. 1st, 2012

Gen: Owl

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Jan. 1st, 2025

SG Gen: Puddlejumper

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Jul. 22nd, 2016

Killjoys: Dutch

Dear Genex Author

Dear Genex AuthorCollapse )

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Thank you again for writing for me! I hope you have fun!

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Jun. 18th, 2016

Madam Secretary: Elizabeth & Henry

This is how the world ends

Written for gameofcards.

Madam Secretary, 1068 wordsCollapse )

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Jun. 7th, 2016

Madam Secretary: Elizabeth

The Good Old Days

One of the things I miss from my days in a megafandom is knowing that no matter what I want to know, there's a good chance that some other, more dedicated fan has already researched it, analyzed it, and written it up in detail. When I was in Stargate fandom and was struck by idle curiosity about, say, what the various characters' military ribbons meant, why, someone else had already done all the work of figuring it out! I think there might even have been a chart, with pictures.

Small fandoms, sadly, don't get that kind of attention, which is why I'm now wondering why they had Dmitri wearing a major's insignia when they were calling him a captain, with no real way of finding out. (Or was it supposed to be a junior lieutenant's insignia and he was later promoted? But it looks like a major's insignia, at least if I'm interpreting Wikipedia correctly. Ivan had a captain's insignia, so clearly they did some research and Dmitri's insignia was deliberate. But why?) (ETA: And apparently both Dmitri and Ivan were wearing Air Force patches? Despite Dmitri being described as an army captain and Ivan describing himself as an army captain. And then there are the Ministry of Justice patches. How does that all fit together?)

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Jun. 4th, 2016

Madam Secretary: Elizabeth & Henry

10 Things I Love About You

Created for gameofcards.

Ten of my favourite scenes from Madam Secretary. Spoilers, obviously.Collapse )

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Feb. 15th, 2016

Justified: Rachel

Really, AutoCorrect?

AutoCorrect, I know you're very fond of taking correctly spelled words and changing them into other words that aren't at all what I intended, but why on earth would you take a perfectly ordinary, serviceable word like "the" and change it into "rhetoric"? What algorithm could possibly make that seem like an appropriate substitution?

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Jan. 1st, 2016

Justified: Ava back

Fanfiction Year in Review

Yuletide is done for the year, which means that I can post this. According to the stats, my Agent Carter story was far and away the most popular thing I wrote this year. It's trope-driven shipfic in a popular fandom, so I suppose that helps. My Justified Yuletide fic isn't doing too badly for a gen story, so I'm happy about that.

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Dec. 27th, 2015

Battle Creek

Yuletide Recs

I was lucky enough to get TWO Battle Creek fics this year, which was ridiculously exciting for me:

Lost to Be Found - 10,000 words of absolutely delightful Milt and Russ post-series friendship that softens the edges in their relationship a little without getting sappy or out of character.

The Big Nap - A fantastically clever little Milt/Russ story that makes use of my one bulletproof AU love by turning Milt into a PI. Kind of.

And a few other things that I've read and enjoyed:

Anne of Green Gables: To Dream of Happiness (Walter/Una, Teen, 2291 words) - A wistful and hopeful written fix-it AU that matches the tone of the canon beautifully.

Blackadder Goes Forth: Private Correspondence (Blackadder/Darling, Teen, 6472 words) - Blackadder, as usual, is scheming to escape the front and running into all sorts of terrible luck in the process. This captures the spirit and the language of the show perfectly, and I literally laughed aloud reading it.

Justified: all our plans and crimes (Gen, Teen, 2082 words) - Loretta gets a letter and a phone from Raylan a few years after the show ends. This is a really nice look at how things could turn out for clever, competent Loretta. It's not the fate I'd wish for for her, it's an entirely plausible one.

Lord Peter Wimsey: Christmas at Duke's Denver (Peter/Harriet, General Audiences, 2501 words) - A sweet and entertaining depiction of Peter and Harriet's first Christmas with Peter's family.

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Nov. 9th, 2015


20 Bits of Creativity

For the To Do Challenge at gameofcards.

The challenge is to do twenty little things in twenty days. I'd originally planned to write a fic I'd be planning, but so far I'm up to four different starts with no further progress to show for it. I'm not sure twenty beginnings would count for the challenge--although it's certainly a look at my writing process--so I thought I'd mix it up a bit.


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Battle Creek (173 words)

His parents were surprisingly approving when he told them he'd been accepted at Quantico.

"I would have suggested going to law school first," his father said, "but a few year at the FBI won't hurt, especially with so much attention going to anti-terrorism right now."

"There are no guarantees I'll be assigned to work on anti-terrorism cases," Milt pointed out, torn between relief that he wasn't going to have to fight and panic that he was still trapped in the role of the good son.

"With all of your language skills?" his mother said. "I'm sure they can find a spot for you somewhere in the Middle East."

"I'm kind of hoping to spend some time in the U.S.," Milt said. His official reason for applying to the FBI.

"We'll see when the times comes," his father said, smiling easily.

Milt know that smile. Strings would be pulled. Favours would be exchanged. Milt would end up exactly where his parents wanted him.

Not if I have anything to do with it, he vowed.

Battle Creek (127 words)

Milt knows that Russ thinks it's about wanting to be liked. He's wrong, of course, and if he thought about it, he'd know he's wrong. If Milt wanted to be liked, he wouldn't go around claiming Russ's mistakes as his own. But it's an easy narrative for Russ, a motive he both understands and despises, so he doesn't question it further.

Milt doesn't care that much about who likes him. He knows his own value and is confident in his abilities. He's also confident he can charm or otherwise manipulate just about anybody into giving him what he needs, if it comes to that. But that's what a good person is, right? Someone who's cheerful and accommodating? So he does it.

Anyway, it's easier than the alternative.

Stargate (127 words)

It took the SGC almost a month to figure out that something was wrong with Cam. The new version of Cam--or the thing that had taken over--was smart. It knew how to hide, how to bide its time. It had them almost before they knew what was happening.

John was on Atlantis when it staged the coup. He didn't think anything of it when his team got the call to return to Earth for a check-in--it was all the usual people with all the usual protocols. It wasn't until they stepped through the gate and saw the gleaming collars on everyone in the gate room that they realized something was wrong.

By then it was too late.

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