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Being Human UK: First Impressions

I watched the first couple of episodes of the UK version of Being Human today.

- I love the cast! Not better than the US cast, but I think I'll like them just as much.

- George acts quite a bit younger than Josh. Complaining that Mitchell isn't teaching him how to talk to girls? Really? Is he fifteen?

- It's interesting hearing so many details about the werewolf transformation and what it does to George.

- I really like the emphasis on how much Annie misses things like human touch and eating.

- I'm not sure how I feel about Annie being able to move things and be seen by people. I think it detracts a little from the ghost element. Perhaps that's why they spend so much time emphasizing the things she can't do.

- The ghost-touching does give them a chance to make Tully much creepier than Ray was.

- Mitchell eats a lot more often than Aidan.

- I wish the pilot episode were available on Netflix. Right now I'm having trouble making sense of why Mitchell apparently chose to turn Lauren only to immediately abandon her, then panicked at the thought of turning someone else. The abandonment in particular makes him seem like an ass, and I'm wondering if knowing his reasoning here would help. Overall, I think I prefer the way the US version handled this storyline (i.e., having Bishop or one of the other vampires turn Rebecca without Aidan's knowledge after Aidan accidentally drains her--still horrible, but less mean). Unless we later find out that Mitchell isn't the one who turned Lauren? But he didn't deny it.

- I kind of miss the little bit of flouting of gender roles that comes from Aidan being a nurse rather than an orderly. Also, Mitchell seems more intent on George keeping a low profile via menial labour than Aidan, who essentially gets Josh the orderly job until he can move on to better things.

- Fewer episodes mean the pace is different. More stories get wrapped up in a single episode. I'm also finding some of the ongoing stories, like Herrick's plans for vampire domination, feel a little rushed.

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