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Fic, Recs and New

A couple of recs for everyone else who's sad that Intelligence was cancelled.

Beginning of a ... Friendship, Anyway by KrisLaughs is a great pre-series look at Gabriel's recruitment into Clockwork from Lillian's perspective. It also touches on what it takes to keep going with a project that keeps killing good people. (Gen, 5447 words)

And over on FFN, anyadoll has written several excellent Riley/Gabriel stories. One of my favourites are What the Water Gave Me, where Riley is forced to temporarily move in with Gabriel after a flooding incident at her place. (Riley/Gabriel, 7450 words)

Also, a couple of The Mentalist fics that I wrote for challenges.

For remixers_lounge: From the Outside, Looking In - Sometimes things go wrong. And sometimes they go very wrong. Remix of Remember by kathiann. Warning for major character death. (Gen, PG-13, 1236 words)

For shipswap: Watching and Waiting - Jane and Cho go undercover to investigate a black market adoption scheme. (Jane/Cho, PG-13, 2908 words)

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