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Dear Author Letter for Rarewomen

Dear Rarewomen Writer:

Thank you so much for writing for me! I love all of these characters, so chances are I'll love anything you do. But in case you're looking for more information...

General preferences: I like character studies, introspection, action, friendship, and slice-of-life stories. I also like mild to moderate angst with happy or bittersweet endings, or just outright happy fic. I'm always good with gen fic and I'm always good with canon pairings. For this challenge in particular, I'd love a story that focuses on what the main character thinks about things (e.g., canon events as they affect her), or that shows her doing things and making decisions and generally taking charge of her own destiny. Other than that, I have squicks but no triggers, I don't mind character death, and I'm easy as far as rating goes, although I'm really not looking for a PWP piece.

(If you want more detail, there's a bunch of stuff here about things I tend to like in fic. Don't feel obliged to read it.)


Carolyn Lam: I'd love to see something focusing on Carolyn's work at the SGC, or her decision to come work for the SGC, or something about her relationship with her father, or what she thinks about the Stargate program, or her life outside of her work. Or put her on a mission off-world! For pairings, I like Carolyn/Cam, but I can be talked into almost anything.

Wendy Mitchell: I'd love to see something about what Wendy thought about various canon events. How she felt about being an Air Force wife or how she coped with her husband's accident or what she thought when her son joined the Air Force or how she reacted to his accident. Alternately, stick her in an adventure or show something like her daily life after the Stargate Program is declassified or just talk about how she gets to where she is and how her past informs her present.

Amy Vandenberg: I'd love to see something that picks up from "Bounty" and talks about whether Amy chooses to visit Cam and what happens if she does and whether or not things work out for them. Alternately, I'd love to see what Amy really thinks about that what happened at the reunion, and what--if anything--she does about that. Or her reasons for going to the reunion in the first place. Or have something dramatic happen, like alien conquest, and see what she does.

The Mentalist

Madeleine Hightower: Hightower is awesome and in-charge and I'd love to see something from her tenure at the CBI (bonus points for having her mentor someone, or showing her friendship with someone on the team, or having her successfully managing Jane). Alternately, something about how she rebuilds her life afterward would also be great. If you really want to pair her with Jane in a one-night stand situation or something like that you can, but I'm perfectly content with gen.

Grace Van Pelt: I didn't mind Rigsby/Van Pelt, but I also loved that Van Pelt made the decision to end things because she knew she wasn't ready for the commitment implied in Rigsby leaving the team. I love that she came out of the end of last season still standing, and while she's angry and a bit bitter, she's dealing. And I love that she holds her own with Jane. I'd really like to see anything that focuses on her friendship with anyone on the team, or anything that shows her being awesome at her job, or something about what her life looks like outside of work, especially during the current season.

Angela Ruskin-Jane: Almost everything we know about Angela comes from one episode, and I'd love to see a story that elaborates on any of the bits we got: her life in the carny world, her desire to leave that world, how they got out, her distaste for treating everyone as marks and how she reconciled that with Jane's life as a psychic, her thoughts on her marriage, etc. I'd rather the story not deal with Red John.

Forever Knight

Dr. Natalie Lambert: I love Natalie's good humour and her dedication to science and her courage in dealing with the vampire community knowing it's a relationship that could kill her. I gave some prompts in my sign-ups, but I'm pretty much good with anything that focuses on how Natalie perceives the vampire world, or her friendship with Nick, or her relationship with other cops or with her colleagues, or why she decides to help Nick.

Janette Ducharme: Janette fascinates me because she's a vampire who claims to enjoy being a vampire, but she clearly has a soft spot for some mortal, some of the time, which suggests she's perhaps not as removed from the mortal world as she might like. I'd love to see something about how she runs the local vampire community, or more about mortals she tries to help, or the ways she intrudes on Nick's mortal life (whether for fun or out of necessity), or her take on Nick's quest for mortality, or her life as a businesswoman, or what it's like to mediate between Nick and Lacroix, or how she balances Lacroix's demands for obedience with her own desire to control how she lives her life, or anything from her past. Gen or Nick/Janette are both welcome.

Tracy Vetter: I love Tracy's earnestness and how hard she tries to do the right thing. I'd love to see her decision to become a cop explored, and what that was like for her given her family background. Or what life is like for her as Nick's partner. Or how she goes about learning about the vampire community after she meets Vachon, and how she deals with it all.

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