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My Guide to All Things Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard

Created for tvrealm.

To steal from the text that somehowunbroken and I wrote for sga_guide:

Intro: John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis) and Cameron Mitchell (Stargate SG-1) are both career Air Force pilots who, by different paths, end up in the Stargate Program, one as the military commander of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy and the other as the leader of SG-1 on Earth. They appear on-screen together exactly once, for three minutes and fifteen seconds during SG-1 episode 10.03, "The Pegasus Project," and are in no way a canon pairing. Naturally, this hasn't stopped fans from shipping the two of them.


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Fan Vids

Average, Everyday Superhero
Dirty Little Secret
Fast Cars
If They Could Read My Mind


50 Things About John Sheppard and Cam Mitchell by bluflamingo - Exactly what the title says.

By the Banks of the River Styx (3770 words, PG-13) by skieswideopen - Every story Cam's ever heard about fetching someone back from hell has ended badly. Ascension, however, isn't hell, and he's not looking to fetch anyone back. He just doesn't want to be left here alone. (Warning for major character death.)

Ecclesiastes (20 100 words, NC-17) by somehowunbroken - When Cam comes home to find John sleeping on his couch, he has no idea what they're in for. AU from "The Return" on.

Expatriate (3504 words, NC-17) by ltlj/Victoria Custer - This is part of the Retrograde series, an AU in which Atlantis remained isolated for longer than a year, and in which reconnecting with Earth did not go smoothly. It features the popular trope in which two characters have to pretend to be attracted to each other for their own safety, leading to mutual recognition of their actual attraction.

Falling From the Sky Now and Then (4550 words, NC-17) by torakowalski - "You can't be serious," Cam hissed. "You want to steal the puddlejumper?"

Hardly the Hero (2430 words, R) by lavitanuova - Sheppard and Mitchell on a team together.

Here is No Water (8676 words, NC-17) by frostfire_17 - Cam and John meet on a base in Afghanistan before either one joins the Stargate Program. They don't much like each other.

Imaginary Boys (27 362 words, NC-17) by busaikko - Mitchell and Sheppard get together during The Return, and if it wasn't impossible it'd be perfect.

The Johnny Cash Variations (8300 words, R) by tesserae_ - Colonel Cameron Mitchell, sheriff of Esmeralda County, Nevada, has a routine. Once in a while it involves his former CO, General Hank Landry. It almost never involves mysterious strangers or alien invasions. Cam thinks this is a feature, not a bug, but he’s starting to wonder. Vegas!AU.

Joyride (3000 words, R) by ltlj - But if his first time to fly a jumper had been like coming home, the little ship wrapping around him like a friend, then the first time in an F-302 was like sex with a beautiful stranger.

Kind of Forgotten Bliss (1426 words, PG-15) by vain_glorious - Cam transfers to Atlantis.

Keep on Rollin' (7590 words, PG-13) by slybrarian - Cam and John on a road trip.

Last Drop of the Sun (1870 words, PG-13) by miss_zedem - The slow development of a relationship.

Last One Out of the Circus (5100 words, NC-17) by tesserae_ - Cam touches something he shouldn't.

Lines in the Dark (5730 words, NC-17) by bluflamingo - John sleeps over at Cam's after an off-world mission goes wrong.
Spaces in the Light (4600 words, NC-17) by bluflamingo - Sequel to "Lines in the Dark."

The Measure of Your Touch (7200 words, R) by skieswideopen - John's supposed to be dead. So how is he following Cam around?

Never As Bad As Anticipated (Until It Is) (72 923 words, NC-17, also features minor Emmagan/Kanaan, Brown/McKay) by bluflamingo - Cam is sent to take command of Atlantis at the start of season four instead of Sam Carter. The first John/Cam Big Bang.

The Pay is Certain (One Way or Another) (940 words, PG-13) by busaikko - Warning for major character death.

Run Like Hell (1180 words, PG-13) by wojelah - Cam runs.

Sports as a Metaphor (3300 words, PG-13) by etain_anders - John and Cam get together during "The Return."

The Towers On The Heights Reach To Heav'n's Own Blue (9200 words, R) & Steal The Thunder From The Sky (9500 words, NC-17) by minervacat - John and Cam and sports. And sex.

What Happens Next (13,860 words, PG-13) by bluflamingo - It starts with an email, and John Sheppard on his front doorstep, and just kind of... goes from there.

Why John Sheppard gets a reminiscent smile on his face when he thinks of chocolate chip muffins (1800 words, PG-13) by minnow1212 - Movie night at Cam's place.

The Year That Was (11 390 words, PG-13) by bluflamingo - Continuum AU.

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