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Team Enabler

For anyone who hasn't seen it already, there's a fic exchange running for medium-sized fandoms (i.e., fandoms too big for Yuletide, but not quite megafandoms). Approved fandoms include Andromeda, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Criminal Minds, Firefly, Highlander, and The Mentalist. You can see the complete list of fandoms here. Sign-ups open on May 2nd. Admin announcements can be found at npt_admin | [community profile] npt_admin.

And for anyone who loves tropes, there's a female character trope fest running as part of three weeks for Dreamwidth. Gen and femslash prompts are both welcome. Prompting closes tomorrow, and the post for fills opens on May 2nd. Fills can take any form (fic, graphics, etc.)


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