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Current Canadian Cop Shows Set in Toronto

As I noted a few weeks ago, it seems to be a summer of Canadian cop shows. So in the interests of supporting national TV (and my home city), here are some recs of fanworks from some of those shows. All of these shows except Flashpoint are airing this summer; Flashpoint is scheduled to return in the fall.

Warning: All vids and picspams may contain spoilers.

This post was put together for the "Have You Seen This?" challenge at [community profile] thefandomzoo.

Premise: Focuses on the members of the Toronto police force's (fictional) Strategic Response Unit as they strive to keep the peace with a talk-first, shoot-only-if-absolutely-necessary approach.

hiril_alatariel cold_ember_32 wordsflow wordsflow

wordsflow cold_ember_32 cold_ember_32 cold_ember_32

Left, Right, Left by [ profile] staranise - All the choices Sam made that led him into the SRU. (Sam Braddock, 1272 words, Mature)
Whisper Prayers into the Dark by [ profile] chocolatekettle - Ed's POV of the aftermath. (Gen, 1646 words, Teen. Spoilers for 2.10 "One Wrong Move")

Come Around (Sam/Jules)

Premise: A telepathic paramedic assists the Toronto police (and later the RCMP) with their cases.

Ensemble picspam by charmingways
Toby Logan picspam by sunnygecko

sleightofframe sleightofframe starrylizard starrylizard x_insurrextion

Alien Like You (Toby/Charlie) by bamchickabow
Almost Lover (Toby/Charlie) by jemmalynette

Premise: A scientifically-minded late-19th-century Toronto police detective uses the most advanced methods of his time (and the help of a scientifically-minded female coroner) to solve crimes.

vikytickytembo aliline aliline flip18 flip18

By [ profile] centyblaiche:

By [ profile] theenglisheladye:

You and Me (William Murdoch/Julia Odgen)
What's Left of Me (William Murdoch/Julia Ogden)
The Penalty (William Murdoch/James Pendrick)

king's is fine for courting by [ profile] bossymarmalade - having that cup of coffee after all and ignoring the trappings (William Murdoch/Julia Ogden, 1227 words, Teen; set during 1.08 "Still Waters")
Impossible Attraction of Like Polarities by [ profile] Lizardbeth - Maybe it was one of Tesla's devices drawing him back to Pendrick's door. (William Murdoch/James Pendrick, 2639 words, Teen; spoilers for 3.13 "The Tesla Effect")

Premise: A look into the professional and personal lives of a handful of Toronto police rookies.

Ensemble Picspam by [personal profile] amathela

pengyn pengyn nutty_musings artxsaves pengyn

nutty_musings glazingstorm pengyn naginis pengyn

By txduck:

Inside These Lines (Andy McNally/Sam Swarek)
What's Left of Me (Andy McNally/Sam Swarek)
This is War (Ensemble + Andy/Sam)

28 icons = 28 points
5 gifs = 10 points
3 picspams = 6 points
9 vids = 45 points
4 fics = 20 points
TOTAL = 109 points

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