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Seeing dawn from the wrong side

Five BSG characters have been nominated so far for the blasters_wands exchange. One of them is Jake the dog. I'm kind of curious now what the requests are going to look like. (Fandom & character nominations are currently open if anyone's looking for something to do. All science fiction, fantasy, and horror fandoms are eligible, and it's a multimedia exchange, so you don't have to be a writer to participate.)

I've been marathoning Due South fic lately, and one of the things I've been noticing is just how prevalent certain themes and tropes are. (Particularly in the porn. Biting, for example.) I suspect that's true in every fandom, but I notice here more than in, say, Stargate. Probably because I read a wider array of pairings in Stargate (and possibly in part because I don't read McShep). I expected a certain amount of cross-pollination, but the extent of the influence is kind of interesting. (There are also noticeable patterns in the errors that annoy me. In Stargate, it's mostly things like having officers threatened with dishonourable discharge under DADT; in Due South it's mostly errors related to Canada. Which is natural given the premise and settings of each show.)

Fall television season is nearly upon us, but there isn't really anything I'm especially excited about. I'll probably give Revolution a try since it's our new sci-fi offering, and I may watch Elementary. I'm not exactly in desperate need of more television to watch, but is there anything else people are excited about?

Also, I really need to get on a better sleep schedule.

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