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Random Thoughts on My Due South Rewatch

1. "Seeing is Believing." I'm not quite sure how to interpret Fraser taking advantage of the hypnotism situation, except it's a little sad that all he wants is for the people he's closest to be polite, and he can't even get that without cheating.

2. I love, love, love Ray's delighted smile near the end of "Seeing is Believing" when it turns out that Fraser was right about the number of shots fired. (And of course, he was the only one who was right.) Between that and Ray making Fraser demonstrate his knife-throwing skills twice, I kind of get the impression that Ray enjoys watching Fraser perform. (Honestly, did he really think Fraser wouldn't be able to repeat that feat?)

3. A completely shallow observation: CKR looks really good in this episode. Actually, they both do.

And on an unrelated note, I don't get all the fic where Fraser objects to people swearing. Is there an episode where he does actually that? Because Fraser swears ALL THE TIME when speaking to his father and Dief. Yeah, it's not part of the public Mountie persona, but still. Swearing and sarcasm: the hidden Fraser that only a select few see.

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Tags: fandom: due south, meta
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