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Some tropes that I have loved:

Action Girl

Back Story

Body Swap

Chained Heat

Combat Pragmatist

Dinner and a Show

Fun with Foreign Languages

Even Evil Has Loved Ones

Fake-Out Make-Out

Good Guy Bar

Good Is Not Dumb

Good Is Not Soft

Guile Hero

Hardboiled Detectives

Honor Before Reason

Reassignment Backfire

Screw the Money, I Have Rules

Take a Third Option

Truth or Dare

Undercover as Lovers

What You Are in the Dark

A little bit of analysis: I really like my heroes, especially if they're clever and honourable. I'm also fond of teams and friendship. And I like a lot of tropes where UST couples are, uh, encouraged to face up to or share their feelings: fake marriages, shared beds, temporary telepathic bonds, and so on.

Is there a trope for characters who do emotional caretaking work, checking in on others and making sure they're okay emotionally? Because I'm all over that too, especially when it's a male character filling that role.

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