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- I'm having trouble getting into Criminal Minds this season, and I'm not sure why. The loss of my favourite character? Has it just gone on too long? I still love the characters in theory, but I'm finding I really don't care much whether I catch the episodes.

- The Mentalist has been pretty good this season. Not as dark as I was afraid it might go after last season, and there have been a couple of really good episodes. But I still find Red John's apparent omnipotence a little grating. They're building him up so much I don't see how they can possibly deliver. Or maybe they don't plan to.

- I'm randomly rewatching old Flashpoint episodes while waiting for the new ones to air each week. I'd forgotten about all the Spike & Sam friendship moments. Spike dragging Sam out for drinks while Jules is on her date. Spike betting on Sam beating Jules in practice! I mean, I was rooting for Jules, but it was still cute. (I'm kind of annoyed by the moments when they try to pretend they aren't Canadian, though. They wear flags on their uniforms, so it's not like it's a secret, but then they go around talking about things like "federal offences." The criminal code is under the jurisdiction of the federal government! They're all "federal offences"!)

- Apparently they've decided to stop showing Nikita here on any channel I actually get. Although since it was on at the same time as Fringe and Haven, it's not like I was watching it live anyway. I shall have to resort to alternate means.

- Speaking of Fringe, I'm enjoying it more than I thought I might this season. I wasn't sure about the premise, but it's working out okay. Yay for having the whole team back! I'm not entirely sure yet about the direction Haven is going in, but at least it's going somewhere. We'll see.

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