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Dear Shipswap Author

Dear Shipswap Author:

Thank you for writing for me! I love all of the pairings I've listed here, and I'm sure I'll adore whatever you write.

Let me say right off the bat that all optional details are optional. Use 'em if they're helpful, and please feel free to ignore them if they're not. Write the story you want to write, whatever that is. (Although if you can try to avoid my "do not wants," I'd appreciate that.)

Some general info:

Things I usually like: First times of all kinds, competence, characters being awesome, friendship, understated romance, stories that touch on the characters' pasts, stories that pick up on dropped plot threads from the show, action, plot, introspection, character studies, slice of life, and the (properly earned) revelation of secrets. Happy fic is good, and so is mild to moderate angst with happy or bittersweet endings.

Things I prefer not to read: Major power imbalances in the core romantic relationship (including Dom/sub), BDSM, most kink, non-con in the core romantic relationship, betrayal (including cheating) in the core romantic relationship, jealousy and possessiveness treated positively, coffee shop-type AUs, long and detailed descriptions of recoveries from traumatic events, and permanent mental or physical injuries to major characters that don't occur in canon.

Crossovers, Aidan Waite/Astrid Farnsworth or Toby Logan/Janette Ducharme

Aidan Waite (Being Human)/Astrid Farnsworth (Fringe)
This is a bit of an odd pairing, I know. I don't really see them lasting--eventually Astrid would learn the truth and I think she'd be troubled by the things Aidan has done--but it would be kind of interesting to see how they'd interact. Maybe they meet in the hospital while Astrid's visiting there, or maybe Aidan gets sucked into the periphery of a case? Or whatever else you can think of, really. A blind date. What a regular date looks like for them. The two of them striking up a friendship and Astrid wanting more while Aidan resists. Astrid slowly realizing that there's something odd about Aidan. Astrid suddenly realizing there's something odd about Aidan when he's forced to act.

I'm perfectly okay with playing with the relative timelines a bit to make things work.

Toby Logan (The Listener)/Janette Ducharme (Forever Knight)
Another odd pairing, and another one that probably wouldn't last, but again, I think there's some potential for fun while it does. One way to go might be any sort of casual interaction (a bar, a club, questioning Janette-the-witness) in which Toby's curiosity is piqued by the odd glimpses he catches of Janette's thoughts, leading to him trying to get to know her better to figure out what's going on. Or anything else you can think of is awesome too. I'm really flexible on this pairing as long as it doesn't involve a vampire killing Toby.

Due South, Ben Fraser/Mark Smithbauer
Mark Smithbauer is kind of an ass for most of "The Blue Line," but the ending (and Fraser's enduring loyalty) suggests he can do better than that. I'd like to see him given the opportunity to try.

I'd love something that focuses on Mark and Fraser developing an ongoing relationship as adults (either at some point after "The Blue Line," or canon-ish AU from "The Blue Line" if you want to play with the timeline or keep Mark in hockey). I'll take almost anything as long as it's more than a one-night stand and a vague promise to keep in touch.

If you'd like specific suggestions: I always enjoy first time stories. Realizing their mutual interest or figuring out how things might work if they try for a romantic relationship. Or Fraser helping Mark figure out what to do next without robbing him of agency or single-handedly saving him. Or seeing one of them drawn into the other's world a little (hockey/post-hockey or police work or both). Or one turning to the other for help with something. Or something lighthearted, a holiday or a party. Or a trip back to Inuvik. Or meeting each other's friends. Or coming out to old friends. Or dealing with things if Mark came out publicly, deliberately or accidentally.

Flashpoint, Spike Scarlatti/Natalie Braddock, Spike Scarlatti/Winnie Camden, Spike Scarlatti/Sam Braddock

Spike Scarlatti/Natalie Braddock
Spike & Natalie were fun together, and I'd kind of like to see something where they actually do start dating. Maybe after "Blue on Blue"? How they get together, or meeting family, or attending Jules and Sam's wedding, or Spike providing support for Natalie as she finds her feet. Or dealing with the events of "Blue on Blue" and deciding where to go from there. Or overcoming the communication issues that seemed to arise from Spike's tendency to joke about everything. Anything really.

While I enjoyed Sam being disconcerted by the thought of Spike dating his sister and would be happy to read more about Sam's reactions, I'd rather the relationship not lead to serious tension within the team.

Spike Scarlatti/Winnie Camden
Winnie was pretty firm about not dating cops when Spike first asked her out, but clearly she changed her mind. So what happened? Why did she agree to go out with Spike after all? Or exploring other aspects of their relationship is good too. What's it like working together and then going home together? What's it like for Winnie to listen to Team One in trouble and not be able to do anything about it? Or post-series...what does the future hold for them?

Spike Scarlatti/Sam Braddock
It might be interesting to go AU a bit and have Sam and Spike get together instead of Sam and Jules, to see how that alters things. Alternately, seeing Sam and Spike start dating after Sam and Jules break up for the first time could also be interesting. How they get together, balancing work and relationship, the stress of keeping it secret from the team, what they do on their day off, etc.

Stargate SG-1, Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell, Cameron Mitchell/Carolyn Lam, Cameron Mitchell/Amy Vandenberg

Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell
I really like that Sam and Cam seemed to have a solid friendship even before Cam joined SG-1, and I kind of love the idea of the two of them growing old together. Apart from the usual "how they get together fic" (which I'm always up for), some sort of mission fic could also be fun--working together to escape a hostage situation or faking marriage or any of the numerous popular Stargate ship tropes. Or looking at how they deal with the distance when Sam is away on Atlantis. Or Sam with Cam's family. Pretty much anything that has them together and happy with each other.

Cameron Mitchell/Carolyn Lam
How do they get together? How might Carolyn feel about dating an Air Force officer given her relationship with her father? What would Landry think if he found out?

Alternately: the advantage of dating someone else in the Stargate program is that you know what's going on. The disadvantage is that you know what's going on, including the times they're in danger.

Cameron Mitchell/Amy Vandenberg
I'm interested in seeing what might have happened if they had seen each other again after the reunion. Was the attraction all nostalgia? Would it have fizzled out? Or was there something more to it? Even if it had fizzled out, what might those first few days have looked like? Or if it looked like it might last, what kind of compromises would they have needed to reach in terms of Cam's job?

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