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More Being Human UK (1.02 + 1.03)

Live blogging the show, basically. The second of half of episode two and all of episode three.

- George not only insisting that Tully is staying in the house after Tully tries to sexually assault Annie, but also saying that Annie probably enjoyed it while she's standing there in tears? Really not feeling the love for George right now, and I honestly don't care that he apologized later. Annie, luckily for George, is apparently much more forgiving than I am.

- How do vampires get by in the modern world if they don't show up on video or in mirrors? The one-sidedness makes the snuff tape Lauren sends to Mitchell a bit more eerie and less gruesome than the tape Rebecca sends to Aidan. Which actually has Rebecca in it.

- PMT? Men cowering before an emotional woman? There are a lot more annoying gender stereotypes in this version than BHUS.

- The three of them out at the club is fun. Totally different reasoning for introducing Annie to a fellow ghost. Gilbert's a lot quirkier than Tony. Also kind of obnoxious.

- Mitchell continues to be nasty to Lauren. And apparently Herrick is crueler (to vampires) than I remember Bishop being...more force, less persuasion.

- Why does a ghost need to take the bus? Why not just materialize where she wants to go? Also, ghosts exchanging tapes and smoking cigarettes...they barely seem dead.

- I like that Mitchell and George actually know their neighbours. At least well enough to say hello. I suppose because the meet-the-neighbours idea didn't end in the same sort of tragedy that it did in BHUS.

- George the linguist! That's fun.

- Annie playing invisible housewife for Owen is sad and creepy, and if this story goes the way it did in the other version, the realization is going to be heartbreaking.

- George and Nina's date is funnier with ghosts in the background. It's kind of mean, though.

- Bagged blood doesn't work in this version? Interesting. Or perhaps I should say...Mitchell doesn't use bagged blood in this version? And do vampires always kill when they feed in this version? That seems to be the implication so far. If that's true, they'd have to keep their numbers really small to avoid being caught.

- Gilbert gets a much bigger role than Tony. More depth and development. Ooh, and he's still here when she finds out about Owen? Interesting. I kind of miss her roommates being the ones to comfort her, though.

- Oh, Gilbert's gone. Completely different closure. So I guess I get my roommate comforting scene after all. I think they're a bit more inept about it than Aidan and Josh, though. Although maybe it's better that Mitchell isn't offering to go kill Owen for her.

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