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Being Human UK 1.04

- So Mitchell is the one who made Lauren and then he abandoned her? Handed her off without a word? At least he's trying now, I guess.

- George preparing for his date with Nina is adorable.

- The Bernie episode! I loved the first half of this episode on BHUS. Before it all went bad.

- Aidan was much more clever than Mitchell in his handling of the bullies.

- I like Mitchell talking about how he wouldn't have been able to handle those bullies when he was young either. Is that the basis of their bond? Since Mitchell doesn't seem to have a long-dead son to be reminded of.

- Wow, George is totally inappropriate with Bernie. Josh offers him a sandwich, George offers him a cigarette? Seriously, George? (My refrain for the show, apparently.)

- Interesting contrast in how Mitchell and Aidan answer the question of what they wanted to be when they grew up. More historical context from Mitchell, more personal information from Aidan. (Also, can I say how much I love the fact that they remember Aidan's family background in the third season? I mean, it shouldn't really be asking that much for a show to remember what it said about the characters between seasons one and three, but a startling number seem to fail at this.)

- And Mitchell's eating again! Is this a side effect of the fact that he apparently doesn't drink blood at all? A way of coping with constant hunger?

- Oh, wow! The whole neighbourhood has turned against them! Fleur is a real organizer. Can't really blame her for being upset, though. So this means George (and Annie) are a lot more involved in the situation than I remember Josh and Sally being. Although it's been a while since I watched that episode, so I could be misremembering.

- Really, George? You're breaking up with Nina over this?

- It's interesting having Owen dating Annie's old rival vs. Danny dating Sally's best friend. I wonder if Annie will find it in her to have sympathy for the new girl without that former connection?

- I like Nina! Her little speech to George--that she can decide what she's willing to live with, and that she would have been willing to listen--is fantastic.

- Oh, look. Everyone can see Annie again! Not exactly ghost-like, but I guess it's an opportunity tell completely different stories than Sally got. Well, the other way around, really. Sally's inability to be seen or interact with the physical world meant different stories for her than Annie got.

- MITCHELL IS TELLING FLEUR THE TRUTH? Wow. Totally wasn't expecting that. And Mitchell is going to turn Bernie? How does he not know that's an awful idea? Why is he doing this after he just refused to turn that girl a couple of episodes ago? Guilt, I suppose, because I didn't really see that level of bonding between Mitchell and Bernie. And then just sending the new vampire-boy off with his mom? That's a very different story than BHUS. Also, Mitchell is awfully cold to Bernie at the station. Does he freeze out every vampire he makes?

- Mitchell's going back to Herrick because of this? Seriously? Or is he hoping to secretly sabotage Herrick? IDK. Aidan's motivations (i.e., saving Josh) made a lot more sense to me. Well, no, I do kind of understand where Mitchell is coming from, but it still leaves me thinking that Aidan is a better person. Of course, Aidan's also had a lot more time to become a better person (and spent a lot more years being a monster and probably did a lot more damage in that time). Maybe it evens out.

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