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Being Human UK 1.05

- Herrick likes being the life of the party.

- It's nice seeing George being a supportive friend to Annie! I'm liking the two of them this episode.

- Has Mitchell REALLY gone back to the vampires? Or is it all an act? He seems genuine about it, if uncomfortable.

- Josie! It this our Celine equivalent? She got less build-up than Celine did, but I'm guessing she'll play the same role as Celine.

- Owen being able to see Annie makes this scene a bit different from the Sally & Danny confrontation scene. Owen's attitude is pretty similar to Danny's, though.

- All the vampires eat. All the time. What is this?

- Do the vampires not actually kill anyone? Does everyone they drain become a vampire?

- Okay, so Mitchell apparently really did go back to the vampires because of the way the neighbours turned against him. Okay. Also, more food. I think a BHUK drinking game would have to involve taking a drink whenever a vampire ate something.

- What will the vampires eat after everyone is a vampire?

- Mitchell just comes across as a lot younger than Aidan. Of course, he is. About 150 years or so.

- It really is different when everyone can see Annie.

- Owen is creepy. And that's a wonderfully effective and horrible scene, with Owen gaslighting his new girlfriend.

- Josie is pulling George into the vampire plot? Interesting. Completely different from the US version.

- Oh, THAT'S what the vampires are eating. Also different. I imagine this is what changes Mitchell's mind.

- Yay George for the enthusiastic rescue effort! But you might want to pay more attention to Annie's body language here. It's a nice speech, though.

- I take it no ruling council will be showing up in this version to take Herrick to task?

- How did Mitchell not realize the vampires would still want to eat?

- I guess Mitchell really did need rescuing from the vampires! Good thing Josie went for help, then.

- Poor Lauren! At least she gets a long death scene?

- And they just go home? Though I suppose the vampires can't come in univited.

- Is Owen really bragging about getting away with murder in front of two witnesses?

- Annie gets to act a bit more directly since Owen can see her. That's nice for her.

- Interesting that they call the doors death.

- Don't answer the door, Mitchell!

- And of course Annie doesn't go through the door. How could she?

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