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Being Human 1.06 UK + Concluding Thoughts on Series 1

Episode 1.06

- Oooh, flashback time! Poor George! That's a great portrayal of just how hard and lonely life must have been for him in those first few months.

- Aidan was a bit more adept than Mitchell in his handling of the situation, IMO. Mitchell's approach was perfectly reasonable--and it worked!--but Aidan was able to play on Marcus's insecurities in a way that made it less likely he would come back for Josh later, something that Mitchell couldn't/didn't do. Of course, it helps that we have more information about Marcus than Seth.

- Did they really just call an ambulance and have Mitchell taken to the HOSPITAL? SERIOUSLY? Did they not think he might kind of stand out, what with the vampire physiology and lack of a pulse and all that? How exactly are they planning to explain this?

- Do vampires not have super-strength and super-speed in this version? Are they just regular people who drink blood and live forever? Oh, and who don't show up in mirrors or on film. Which I suppose is useful in that it prevents too much evidence of one's past accumulating, but overall I think I'd rather have strength and speed.

- Poor Mitchell! The scene after Josie's death is heartbreaking. But again I ask--does Mitchell not think people will notice Josie's severe lack of blood or the PUNCTURE MARKS? Or did he find some other way to drain her?

- Still liking Nina! She's awesome.

- Oh, so Mitchell's seeking out Herrick for a fight! That's different. Though I can see why he does that.

- Come on, George! Tell the poor man the truth about what he saw! He deserves to be able to defend himself, if nothing else. But I suppose George thinks he's doing the vicar a favour by not drawing him into that world.

- I'm still puzzled over whether vampires turn everyone they drink from. I think not--it seems unsustainable, and I assume Josie didn't turn, although maybe Mitchell broke her neck or something to make sure?--but then you have Herrick talking about turning an old woman because hey, you're out and about and you get hungry. Which implies it's a natural consequence of feeding. So which is it?

- Also, apparently the vampires in this version have the option to stop drinking blood altogether?

- Oh, the big pre-fight scenes. Such an emotional conversation! Such an emotional goodbye! There are generally a lot more tears and a lot less stoicism in this version than in the US version. But George's obvious fear makes his decision to fight Herrick himself that much more striking. And I love the fight that Annie puts up here.

- And Herrick gets a big pre-fight prep scene too! With lots of cheering from his fellow vampires! No sleeping in his car for Herrick. I'm surprised the vampires don't go with him to applaud.

- Go Annie! She has a lot more power than Sally has in BHUS, and it makes for a great scene when she frees the livestock prisoners.

- Three against one doesn't seem very fair! Herrick doesn't seem to mind, though.

- I adore George's realization that he's not giving up his humanity by protecting Mitchell and Annie. Fantastic speech! I'm still annoyed by what George did re. Annie and Tully, but I'm starting to see why people love him.

- Wow, I wasn't expecting that. Completely different from BHUS.

- Mitchell's eating again! Do vampires need to eat in this version or something?

- And here's the set-up for series two. Completely and utterly different from BHUS, of course, since this is when they really start to go their separate ways. I take it someone has caught on to the existence of the supernatural? So who's talking to Owen? Scientists? Hunters? Some combination of the two? Torchwood?

- This was definitely my favourite episode from the whole season. Really, really loved it.

Overall Thoughts and Points of Comparison

1. Six episodes is really short, and I felt like some things were a bit rushed. I particularly missed the development of the secondary characters (and their relationships with the main characters) that the more relaxed thirteen-episode structure allowed. Bridget, Rebecca, Marcus, and even Bishop all seemed to have more depth to me than Janey, Lauren, Seth, and Herrick. And of course, some characters--like George/Josh's family--simply didn't show up at all in this version.

2. I also miss the historical flashbacks, but again, there really wasn't time for those.

3. There are a lot more gender jokes and gay jokes in this version, which I didn't love.

4. I like Annie and Nina a lot!

5. While I found Annie's ability to interact with the material world a bit frustrating at times--it didn't feel like they were really playing with the limitations of being a ghost--I did love that it meant she got to fight her own battle with Owen while Sally had to rely on Aidan to do that for her. (Though Sally did, of course, get the final say in what happened to Danny, and got to confront him more directly later on.)

6. I've heard some people say that they didn't think the friendship between Aidan, Josh, and Sally was as strong as the friendship between Mitchell, George, and Annie. I didn't see that myself--I thought the US characters were pretty well bonded, and in fact, one of the things I really loved in the US version that I didn't see as much of in the UK version was the way they listen to each other. However, US relationships are definitely less balanced in some respects, particularly in season one. In the UK version, it's very much the three of them taking care of each other, while in the US version, it's much more Aidan taking care of everyone. There's no equivalent in the US version to Annie taking the lead on confronting Owen with back-up from Mitchell and George, or George and Annie rescuing Mitchell from the vampires. Not that Josh and Sally don't try! But Aidan is older and smarter than Mitchell, and it just doesn't play out that way. Instead, Josh's main role is to keep reminding Aidan of the value of trying to be human (and to make Aidan meals Aidan doesn't really want). Which is important, but also a different dynamic. (However, I think that BHUS dynamic changes somewhat by season three, as Josh becomes more adept at operating in the supernatural world. Actually, Josh's development on BHUS reminds me a lot of Daniel Jackson on SG-1. He starts out as a smart idealist who is in some respects ill-equipped for the world he finds himself in, and then gradually his idealism is tempered by experience--although not lost!--and he gains practical skills and the confidence to use them. Season three Josh does things that season one Josh could never have imagined doing. But he keeps the same good intentions.)

7. I'd heard that BHUS was funnier and more lighthearted than BHUK. I didn't really find that. While BHUS has its funny moments (e.g, dinner with Josh's family), I thought BHUK had a more comedic tone overall. For example, Aidan's fight to escape the funeral home was far more deadly serious than Annie and George's somewhat hapless efforts to rescue Mitchell. However, I've heard repeatedly that BHUK gets much darker after season one in a way that BHUS doesn't, so I may feel differently next season.

8. I still prefer the US version overall. That might be partly because I saw it first, but I think there are some aspects that I just genuinely like better in the US version. Particularly the better-developed secondary characters, and the fact that while the US characters may choose badly out of weakness or love or wishful thinking or addiction or having a dearth of good options, rarely do they make a terrible choice because they're incapable of perceiving the really obvious negative consequences of that choice. Whereas I spend a lot of time yelling at my computer, demanding to know what exactly Mitchell and/or George are thinking, or have they ever bothered to think things through at all? But I like the UK version enough to keep going for now.

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