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Being Human UK 2.01

On to season two!

- So Nina has moved in now? Interesting.

- Ambush! Poor George. Presumably Mitchell will be by to help him out soon? Oh, here he is! What was the point of that? Revenge on Mitchell for killing Herrick?

- Wow, Nina tells Annie first? It's nice to see the women bonding.

- If George thinks he can handle a vampire who knows he's coming, does that mean they definitely don't have enhanced strength and speed? Or is he just over-confident?

- Oh, Mitchell. You're out of practice! Or maybe it's the lack of blood?

- So there are consequences to George killing Herrick. Interesting.

- George, making out with a vampire is probably a bad idea. Especially one who just tried to kill you. Or rather, one who is married to someone who just tried to kill you. Is this why they established at the beginning that he and Nina aren't having sex?

- George...still more of a jerk than Josh. I should really make an effort to stop comparing them this season. Should be easier now that the plots are diverging.

- Annie. Working. At the local pub. She died in this neighbourhood...does no one remember her? Will no one notice they're being served by a dead woman? Or, failing that, will no one notice that she wears exactly the same thing every day?

- Oh, is Mitchell going to get a (human) girlfriend?

- Is Mitchell going to be smart enough to figure out what's going on with Nina? George certainly wasn't. I'm kind of surprised Annie didn't say anything to either of them.

- So this organization is more scientist than hunters? I'm guessing they aren't too concerned about what happens to their subjects, though.

- I really like that Annie is the one keeping Nina company here.

- I'm not feeling good about this guy's chance of surviving here. Gotta show us how evil the new bad guys are, right?

- Can Annie teleport objects?

- "Type III." So, science vs. magic? Is that the theme of the season?

- Oh, Nina. It's nice that you care, but give George a little more credit. Not telling him is setting up all sorts of future problems.

- These new vampires are a little creepy.

- And I'm guessing Mitchell knows. Of course, he would have known anyway as soon as he saw her, since vampires can recognize werewolves. And for once he's being helpful to someone newly pulled into the supernatural world!

- This is a really lousy situation for George, where everyone knows the truth but him. Especially with Nina angry and baiting him and not willing to tell him why.

- And now they're both being absolutely horrible to each other. I'm so glad the US version didn't go here. Right now I'm rooting for the two of them never to see each other again.

- At last the truth. At least they didn't drag it out. What's George going to think when he realizes his roommates were holding out on him?

- The whole goldfish scene is adorable. I'm liking Mitchell this episode.

- Annie is reminding me a lot of Sally in this scene--all over-the-top, slightly inappropriate enthusiasm.

- These new vampires are more than a little creepy. Daisy with her daughter is a little heartbreaking too, though.

- George hooking up with Daisy draws George into the vampire world in a way that Josh wasn't. So again, a better job of intertwining the plots for the three of them. Well, assuming Mitchell gets sucked back in too.

- That George/Nina scene is lovely. Almost makes up for their horribleness earlier.

- Is Annie going to try dating now? How's that going to work?

- Uh oh! Here come the bad guys. What are they after? Trying to search the house? Presumably Mitchell doesn't keep bags of blood in the fridge. Or are they setting up spy cameras instead?

- Visibility with the neighbours! This is good. Hopefully people will notice if someone tries to kidnap the people handing out tea.

- So they're conducting a less-material search. Do we get to meet the mysterious professor later?

- Never mind science; it's all religion for this guy. Crusade. He seems like someone who will eventually go off the reservation.

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