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Being Human UK 2.03

- Okay, this is a disturbing start to the episode. Also, weird, weird tone shifts between the cries of fear and pain, and the Monty Python-esque speaker.

- Dead people in the park. I'm guessing this is the start of trouble for Mitchell.

- Poor Mitchell! This whole vampire killing spree is totally going to put a crimp in your social life, isn't it?

- So George is lying in bed pining for Nina?

- Oh, Hugh's back! I thought they'd just drop that story, but I'm glad they didn't. It seems a little harsh to tell Hugh that Annie just ran off with barely a word, but I suppose they really have no idea if or when Annie will be visible again.

- Annie the matchmaker? LOL. I suppose everyone needs a hobby, but I'm feeling a little concerned for Hugh here. And George too, actually. On the other hand, a George & Hugh friendship would be awesome. I think it would be good for George to have a human friend. Ties to that world.

- The similarities and differences between Annie's story in the second season and Sally's are quite interesting. Whichever you see first, it's likely to affect how you interpret the other.

- A church? Interesting choice of meeting spot, Mitchell, given what we've seen about religion and vampires in this version of the show.

- Daisy! Has Ivan returned too? That probably doesn't bode well for Our Heroes. Unless Ivan wants to step up and take over for Herrick.

- The vampires in this version are much more dependent on humans to keep their secret than in BHUS. (Or at least more than they showed us in BHUS. Perhaps they bribe humans there too, but it seems like they mostly rely on strategically placed vampires.)

- I thought Mitchell was famous among the vampires? That all the stories were about him? But these vampires seem either not to know who he is, or not to care. Either way, it makes his life harder. (Ivan and Daisy know him, of course, but they're not precisely on his side. One wonders why Ivan, at least, isn't more concerned about what will happen to him if knowledge of vampires becomes public.)

- The house meeting where Annie and George complain--among other things--about Mitchell's failure to contribute to the shopping, cleaning, or general upkeep of the house is a rather amusing contrast to Aidan's straight-up warning to Josh that he neither cooks nor cleans. (And Sally, of course, can't do either, so all of the upkeep essentially falls to Josh.)

- Mitchell's clearly stressed by these new leadership responsibilities. I don't think being in charge really plays to his strengths. He's absorbed the basics of how vampire society operates by virtue of being around (and being around Herrick) for so long, but he's not terribly detailed-oriented nor is he really a strategic thinker, and his people skills seem to based almost entirely on either native charm or brute force, with precious little in-between. (Well, and the occasional bit of logic.) I don't think he's had to finesse reluctant people (human or vampire) quite this way before.

- Okay, George and Hugh hanging out together is totally awesome. They have SO MUCH in common. Friend for George! Yay!

- Crockett and Tubbs? LOL, Annie. So eighties television is okay; it's only the music you object to?

- Why is the doctor interviewing the vampire victim? Shouldn't the police be handling that?

- Oh, Mitchell. Blackmail? That's a lousy way to handle it. Well, the whole situation is lousy, really. It probably would be for the best if the vampires went down so they couldn't kill anymore, but I can understand his reluctance there.

- Cara's more than a little unstable, isn't she? She didn't seem to have these kinds of issues back when she was still human.

- Poor coroner! Although I'd feel worse for him if he hadn't made the original deal with Herrick. Still, it's hard to want to do the right thing--to find the courage to do the right thing--and then to be forced back into your old ways this way.

- On the other hand, I have absolutely no sympathy for the Chief Constable, who apparently sees nothing wrong with any of this. As long as he profits. How long will Mitchell be able to stomach this for, I wonder? And did he really not know before now how this worked? I gather he wasn't being groomed to be heir.

- Annie. Planning awful experiences for a woman is NOT a good plan. Even if you do think it's for her own good. Although the actual planned date sounds kind of funny. Oh, and she wants to see the movie! It would be kind of fun if she and George actually hit it off, apart from the fact that it would interfere with George's new friendship with Hugh. On the whole, I think I'd prefer the friendship.

- So...Mitchell hasn't dated much, has he? Or not recently? He's awfully awkward for a man of his age and presumed experience.

- They didn't hide that bug very well, did they? Will George see it? Oh, he will! Maybe. Okay, he didn't see it (I'm not sure how), but at least it's gone.

- Oh, Mitchell has a long term plan! One where vampires don't kill. That's something, I suppose, although a touch unrealistic. On the other hand, I imagine he would think they could all change, since he did and he was one of the worst. And of course, he knows that if vampires were properly punished for their killing, he would have been dead--deservedly--decades ago.

- Daisy and Ivan apparently have the best advice. Which is a bit scary.

- And now we cycle back to the beginning. This is what that flashback meant. What do they punish their own kind for? And does he really plan to just leave her down there?

- And apparently that's what wins the vampires over. Strength and resolve.

- Aww, Hugh's back with his girl! That's sweet. Could be awkward if they run into George, but it's sweet.

- Nina! And she wants George to live his life? This is a different. What's going on with her? She sounds like she's dying. Or at least in grave danger. Choosing to undergo an experimental treatment next full moon, maybe?

- The big reveal! Professor Jaggert. And she's decided the best way to study Mitchell is by dating him? I'm not too sure about her judgment.

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