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Being Human UK 2.04

- Evil with a genetic cause? Gotta admit, I'm not a fan of this idea. Maybe it's the sociologist in me.

- So it's Kemp who lures Jaggert in? Well, presumably with her full cooperation.

- Annie's following the mail carrier around now? They really don't know what to do with her, do they? I hope she gets a story at some point. One that's really about her.

- Oh, okay. Helping other ghosts could be interesting. I suppose having to be on guard against other ghosts could be interesting too. Maybe.

- Mitchell really has been a lousy friend lately. It would be nice if he and George could re-establish their closeness.

- Ooh, a new ghost ally! This is promising. But WHY does Annie not want to go through the door?

- George is taking Nina's request seriously! Good for him! I'm not convinced he's actually going to get a new job, but I think he probably should.

- Nice to see all three roommates together again, and Mitchell stepping up as a friend.

- What is through the door? Are these secondary doors different from regular doors? Why do they not want to move on? Does an eternity on earth really sound that appealing?

- They're really making the blood-addiction thing explicit, aren't they?

- Ivan's an old one? How old is old, I wonder?

- Okay, that's a nice job of appealing to Ivan's interests, Mitchell. I don't think it will work in the long run, but it's a good try.

- Is there anyway Lucy can resist the chance to ask a vampire twenty questions? Even if she can't reveal that she knows he's a vampire?

- Lists! I can sympathize, George. Lists are great.

- A cage inside the house...maybe that's safer than the hospital basement.

- That's an excellent question, Lucy. What are they supposed to learn from this if they're doing exactly the same thing they've done before? I kind of feel like learning is not really Kemp's goal here. Although they're both clearly fanatics.

- So we've lost a lot of vampire organizational structure here, and instead we've gained a large world of ghost organization. A whole supernatural, beyond-the-grave organization trying to catch wayward ghosts.

- 195 years is old for a vampire in this world? Wow. So these vampires seem to have a very limited life expectancy, then. I wonder what happens to kill them off?

- Tasting through other people! That ought to be nice for Annie.

- Ivan really is one of the most compelling characters on here. Although I'm curious about what happened to the vampire who wanted to watch the world burn.

- And George suddenly has Tourette Syndrome? Ghost mind-control? Side effect of werewolf suppression? I suppose the anger is more suggestive of werewolf suppression. Because what would be the fun in letting George actually find a clean, rational solution to the werewolf problem?

- I do love the roommates brainstorming together to solve their problems.

- Really, Mitchell? Supplying Ivan with victims? Chaining them up and holding them prisoner? That's the road you want to walk down?

- Is this why Sykes doesn't want to move on? Because of some mistake he made? Is he afraid of what punishment he'll face, or is he punishing himself by staying here?

- George has a talent for finding forgiving women who are willing to overlook major flaws, even when they don't know what they are. It's kind of impressive, really

- Seriously, George? Correcting the grammar of the graffiti rather than taking it down? It's not like the original author is going to see it again. And this so totally isn't going to end well.

- So Sykes is afraid of what he'll find on the other side. That makes sense. And Annie has a choice now! She can stay as long as she likes, and move on if she wants to. That's nice for her, but what are they going to do with her for the rest of the season? Have her support Mitchell and George? Though to be fair, it looks like they're going to need it since they both look to be fast approaching bottom.

- Only two episodes to go. This season feels less rushed to me than one; is that an actual different in the writing, or just my perception since I'm not comparing this to another show with different pacing?

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