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Being Human UK 2.05

- It's never a good start to the day when you wake up covered in blood.

- Ooh, are we going to find out why Mitchell decided to go off blood?

- Oh, a hint about the wider vampire society! There are vampires in places other than Bristol!

- Has Mitchell never had to clean up after himself before? Clearly fingerprints aren't a concern for him. Of course, it would have been harder to match them back then.

- It seems to be a bit early for Molly to be meeting George, doesn't it? Especially as Mitchell has a point about George still being in love with Nina--meaning he's not likely to stick around long--although of course, Sam doesn't know that.

- Ghost baby? Really? What kind of system allows for babies to be stuck as ghosts?

- I really don't think most of these vampires are going to be able to handle reliving all their past kills. I'm a little puzzled at what effect blood has on them, that they can kill ruthlessly to drink it--while drinking it--but regret those kills later. Clearly turning into a vampire doesn't actually deprive them of their consciences, but blood suppresses it somehow? And the hunger--which fades if not fed by blood--drives them to start killing in the first place? I don't quite understand the mythology.

- That's a brave woman Mitchell is holding hostage.

- Mitchell really needs to learn to tie better knots.

- Poor woman! Such a brave escape only to run into Herrick.

- Is Josie the only woman Mitchell's ever told the truth to?

- George wants to invite a human woman and her child--who he has known for all of two weeks--to move in with a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf? Has he thought about any of this? At all? Like how he's going to explain talking to thin air? Or the possible danger to them of living with a vampire? Seriously, George?

- TWO WEEKS, George. You're springing this on this poor woman after TWO WEEKS? Asking her to move in with you? When she has a daughter? That's incredibly irresponsible.

- This Chief Constable is awfully confident for a man dealing with vampires.

- Oh, an explanation of the mythology, courtesy of Herrick! Well, kind of. Becoming a vampire doesn't change your personality; it frees it. So every person who becomes a vampire is a natural killer? They somehow only pick natural killers? Or every person, period, is a natural killer? That's a rather bleak view.

- If Mitchell plans to go through with this at all, why not send Ivan to do it? Since he's feeding Ivan anyway. Oh, but he's not going through with it! Good job, Mitchell.

- The Chief Constable using vampires as his personal assassin is creepy. And again I's not that bright, putting this kind of pressure on vampires. As has now been proven.

- Oh, Mitchell. Asking someone else to save you simply isn't fair. And it won't work. It's not surprising the idea appeals to Lucy, however. Saviour complex, there.

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