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Being Human UK 2.06

- And there's why Kemp hates the vampires. Can't blame him, really. Vampires are killers--trying to stop them is reasonable. Now what he does to the werewolves, on the other hand, is far less reasonable, because it's clearly not that hard to contain a werewolf one night every month.

- So now Lucy's the one with all the secrets. I wonder how long it will take them to figure it out. And she's driven by religion too? I suppose Kemp would have looked for that in deciding who to work with.

- Is this why Mitchell's okay with George moving in with Sam? Because he's hoping to move in with Lucy soon?

- Free show for Annie! There has to be some advantage to being invisible, right? And oooh, psychic. Does he have any real powers? Presumably, if they're bothering to introduce him.

- Sam. What are you thinking, moving in with a man you barely know? And George, do you plan on telling her about the werewolf thing?

- So Mitchell's relying on Lucy to save him and Lucy is relying on Kemp to save her? I preferred the stronger, more confident version of Lucy we saw earlier.

- Lucy's reporting the meeting to Kemp. This is not going to end well for the vampires. It's probably not going to end well for Lucy either, when Mitchell realizes what happened.

- Hiding his things, Annie? You're six sometimes, aren't you? And another great speech from George! Wanting to be part of the world rather than against it.

- I think you might want a faster system for choosing who gets to go next, Annie. I love the idea of Annie serving as an interpreter between Alan and the ghosts.

- Ivan using Twitter to round up the vampires! Hilarious! I'm kind of hoping he escapes what I expect will be a massacre. Or will he head it off altogether?

- Way to go, Annie! You've found a new purpose...helping other ghosts.

- Caught out by Molly! Smart kid. George, you'd probably be better off avoiding hanging around smart children in the future.

- I'm guessing Annie isn't actually going to go on tour, so perhaps the usher will take over? Find a way to be heard?

- That speech from Annie's mom is heartbreaking.

- George. Listen to Molly. And promising never to hurt someone is pretty much impossible.

- Mitchell practicing his speech...hilarious!

- I know I'm being unashamedly sentimentalist here, but I love the scenes between Annie and her mother.

- Molly's on the warpath! Has she guessed something about George, or is she just trying to tell her mother that something's going on.

- So what do they have planned for the vampires? Bomb?

- Mitchell, Ivan isn't going to be allow himself to be tied down this way. He lured Daisy in with a promise to see the world! Plus he was the one bringing popcorn to watch the show. Or were all of Ivan's earlier statements a way of manipulating Mitchell into taking control of the situation?

- Ivan has Daisy? We haven't seen them together since the beginning of the season! I get that they were supposed to be set up as a big, romantic couple, but the show hasn't exactly followed through on that. They're certainly not Spike and Drusilla.

- Lucy, some advice: never, ever listen to someone who claims to know with certainty the will of God. Any god.

- Oh, Ivan's instinct is to protect Mitchell rather than just run and save himself. That's a little surprising. So perhaps they really were friends. Or perhaps Ivan was naturally heroic, before he became a monster. As well as being a monster. Of course, if vampires are as short-lived as they seem to be on this show, I suppose one would treasure the ones who have made it a few decades.

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