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Being Human UK 2.07

- Backstory on how Iva and Daisy met! I suppose we need that if they're going to sell us on Ivan/Daisy as a Great Love, but I do enjoy a good WWII story.

- Ivan is persuasive, isn't he? Horrible, but persuasive. He picked Daisy awfully quickly. At least her daughter will think Daisey died in an air raid, rather than growing up thinking her mother abandoned her.

- Molly is starting to look less precociously astute and more creepy.

- Nina! Nice to see you again, but you may not like what you find here. Is this going to be what prevents Annie from choosing her door?

- Mitchell's pretty wrapped up in what he did to the chief constable, so it's not really surprising that he'd grab onto that as an explanation, but he should really consider listening to Daisy as to the source of the attack. It would be better not to listen to her when it comes to how to deal with it, however.

- Huh. George approaches the issue of a cure very differently than Josh. The result of different backgrounds, maybe? Languages vs. pre-med.

- They pretty much have to have Kemp et al. doing evil experiments on werewolves, or else it would be harder to treat them as antagonists. They do, after all, have a point about vampires being dangerous killers, and while I might prefer a solution that didn't involve killing all vampires, it does make a certain amount of sense given their available resources.

- Of course, George already knows the dangers of suppressing the wolf. Will that be enough to dissuade him from trying this? Or general skepticism could work too.

- George. Proposing marriage. To a women you've known for like a month? I know it's a reaction to your visit with Nina, but WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

- And Lucy's secret is out! I'd feel more sorry for Mitchell if he hadn't just gone and killed the coroner. And apparently decided to turn his back on all of humanity because of the decisions of a couple of people.

- Annie, why don't you just have a pad of paper there? You can move things! You don't need an interpreter; just write stuff. (For that matter, why didn't all the ghosts in the last episode communicate with Alan once they realized why he stopped responding to them?)

- I'm thinking this is probably the end of George and Sam's relationship. Are they going to have George slaughter a school full of people so George won't hold whatever Mitchell does next against Mitchell? Or is it going to be a close call so he decides that Nina is right about the need to seek a cure?

- Oh, Mitchell. Slaughtering a train full of people? This is going to be incredibly hard to come back from. How do you redeem the character after this?

- Kemp seems so kind and reasonable here! Giving Annie a choice, walking away and letting George change in peace.

- Annie, tell George what's going on. So many problems arising for the three of them because they're keeping secrets!

- So this is what Mitchell is like when he's drinking blood? Really not liking this version. Okay, so is this like a multiple personality thing? Because that works for werewolves, but it seems odd with vampires.

- So Mitchell is planning on resurrecting Herrick's plan and having vampires take over?

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