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Being Human UK 3.04

Poor George and Nina! They should be so happy and instead they're all stressed out. And of course, McNair can't answer their questions because he doesn't know the answer.

Also, this whole episode is basically a giant object lesson in the value of not keeping secrets from your best friends. Things would have gone so much more smoothly. No attacking Tom for coming by the house! (Though to be fair, having someone break in is pretty well always going to be upsetting.) No wondering why Mitchell was so leery of werewolves! Etc.

It's clever writing, using Mitchell's and McNair's (perfectly justified) fears to promote mistrust between them, but I don't love the storyline. On the wolf-shaped bullet, I wonder...was Lia telling the truth? Or was she trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy? She certainly has reason to hate Mitchell. And now Mitchell is jumping every werewolf with the misfortune to cross his path.

Tom is only slightly less creepy than Adam, in that his creepy attentions to Nina are the result of ignorance rather than the attempted offensiveness of Adam. Hopefully he'll get some practice at social interaction before he returns? Or improve fast once he is back.

Mitchell/Annie is cute, although I'm not feeling it as much as I expected to. I'm usually a complete sucker for canon pairings, but somehow I'm only lukewarm on this one. The sex question is kind of an interesting one, although I might have preferred less discussion of it. I like the idea of Mitchell embracing a relationship without sex because for him, sex is a weapon. However, I could have done without the idea that a sex-free romantic relationship is somehow "purer." Also, did Mitchell and Josie really not have sex when they were dating? I realize it was a different time, but stories about weekend getaways and borrowed wedding rings are kind of suggestive.

I also see we have an unfortunate return to Mitchell pinning all of his motivation on one person. Now Annie's the reason for him to stay clean! Which is an awful lot of pressure for her, and as Lucy should have demonstrated, generally a bad idea. I liked Mitchell's advice to Adam about finding a group of good people, because the possibility of their disappointment would give him on the straight and narrow, but I really think Mitchell needs to a) rely on a larger group (which he has, but it would be nice if he kept that in mind); and b) find some internal reasons to avoid killing. (It's an interesting contrast to Aidan, who makes a lot of his worst decisions because of love, but never makes someone else responsible for his behaviour. Of course, we haven't addressed why Aidan stopped being a monster--only why he became one. Maybe parallels will yet emerge.)

I wasn't expecting McNair to survive this episode. I'm also not really sure that a man who has killed at least two innocent people is in a position to judge Mitchell quite so viciously. (Yes, it was an accident. Yes, he hasn't killed as many people as Mitchell. But he should have taken precautions and he didn't, and while maybe he tried to do right by Tom as penance, the end result was questionable at best.)

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