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Being Human UK 3.05

Herrick's back! I don't seen this ending well. The apparent amnesia is an interesting touch, however.

So basically everyone annoyed me during the first half of this episode. This is hardly the worst situation they've dealt with, and yet all of them are so awkward, running around as if they've never encountered a minor crisis before. First, why exactly did they leave that poor psychiatric nurse just sitting around alone for ages? What were George and Nina DOING after they talked to Herrick? And did it not occur to them that she might start snooping around? Though I suppose the fact that Mitchell doesn't keep blood in the fridge means they have less to hide. Second, though less annoyingly, why did Annie tell Cara that Herrick was there? I know she wasn't thinking, but she knows Cara is fanatical about Herrick. She should have realized that wouldn't end well. I did, however, appreciate Annie's efforts to persuade Cara to let them help her.

I felt sorry for Cara, who's so desperate and lost without Herrick. I don't, however, understand why he picked her; she doesn't seem to have much to recommend her except complete loyalty and dependence. On the other hand, she brought him back, so that loyalty and dependence served him. Perhaps she'd served her purpose and that's why he got rid of her.

So Nina goes to ridiculous lengths to sneak Herrick out of the hospital because she's afraid the authorities will realize that there's something odd about him, and that this will somehow lead them to discovering that she and George are werewolves, and then she turns around and gives the police Mitchell's name? That makes absolutely no sense. What does she think is going to happen if the police arrest Mitchell? I realize she's acting on emotion there, but she really needs to sit down and think about what standards she wants to use in the supernatural world. On the one hand, she thinks it's wrong to murder vampires, which is fine. Strong moral stance. On the other hand, she wants to keep vampires a secret from the world in order to protect herself and George. Totally understandable. And on the third hand, she has trouble living with the fact that vampires--or at least Mitchell--have killed people. May continue to kill people (although hopefully not Mitchell). Which is also understandable, but the three positions aren't really compatible. Something has to give there. She needs to decide what. I mean, maybe she has decided it's worth the risk of discovery to see Mitchell punished, but I don't get the impression that she's really thinking about that at this point.

If he's not suffering from amnesia, Herrick's been very clever in recruiting Nina as his ally. Pity she doesn't know more about what he's capable of. I rather wish Josie were around for her to talk to, for a number of reasons.

Overall, while I'm glad they're addressing the issue of what Mitchell did in season two, I'm not really enjoying this season all that much. If they're going to go there at all, then I think they have to do it this way, but I kind of wish they hadn't gone there in the first place.

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