skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

Things to do around LJ/DW

I haven't done one of these for a while.

1. There's a John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell summer prompt challenge happening over at sg_flyboys. Leave a prompt, fill a prompt...whatever you like.

2. There's a multi-fandom meta comment-a-thon happening here. Again, leave a prompt, fill a prompt...whatever you like. There's some interesting stuff there.

3. Nominations are now open at rarepairfest. For the purposes of this fic exchange, a rare pairing is one with fewer than 250 completed stories of 1000 words or more. You can read the full list of rules here.

4. badsexfest is also running now. Prompts can be found here and fills here. (And check out somehowunbroken's fill: As The River Loves The Sea And The Ocean And That One Big Lake (Anthropomorphic Fic/Reader).)

5. There's an LJ friending meme if anyone is looking to expand their circle of friends.

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