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Dear Rare Pair Fest Author

Dear Rare Pair Fest Author,

Thank you for writing for me! I love all of the pairings I've listed here, and I'm sure I'll adore whatever you write.

Let me say right off the bat that all optional details are optional. Use 'em if they're helpful, and please feel free to ignore them if they're not. Write the story you want to write, whatever that is. (Although if you can try to avoid my "do not wants," I'd appreciate that.) And please don't take the amount I wrote as an indicator of interest; I will be equally happy to receive any pairing listed.

Some general info:

Things I usually like: First times of all kinds, competence, characters being awesome, friendship, understated romance, stories that touch on the characters' pasts or families, stories that pick up on dropped plot threads from the show, action, plot, introspection, character studies, slice of life, grief/bereavement, and the (properly earned) revelation of secrets. Happy fic is good, and so is mild to moderate angst with happy or bittersweet endings. NC-17 is fine, but not required. I'm not a huge fan of PWP stories.

Things I prefer not to read: Major power imbalances in the core romantic relationship (including Dom/sub), BDSM, most kink, non-con in the core romantic relationship, betrayal in the core romantic relationship, jealousy and possessiveness treated positively, coffee shop-type AUs, graphic torture, long and detailed descriptions of recoveries from traumatic events, and permanent mental or physical injuries to major characters that don't occur in canon.

If you feel like you need more info after this, I have more general likes and dislikes here. Please don't feel that you have to read it, however.

Being Human (US/Canada) - Any (Aidan/Kat, Aidan/Suren, Aidan/Susanna, Josh/Nora, Sally/Max)

If you're writing for Being Human, please feel free to ignore the various cliffhangers at the end of season three unless you want to address them. If you want to write a story that's set after the end of season three, go ahead and pretend that it all ended with everyone in a good place (Josh reverting to human form, Sally not being dragged off by Donna, a Susanna-lookalike not showing up, Kat never seeing Sally's body...whatever works for the story) or that they found a solution to all the various problems (details not necessary).

I adored Aidan/Kat until the last episode of season three, when the show kind of introduced a major barrier to their relationship in the form of Aidan messing with Kat's memories (not to mention killing her ex). For this exchange, I'm equally happy to read a story that deals with those events, a story that implies that they've been dealt with, or a story that goes AU and has the season end differently (Kat doesn't stay over, Kat doesn't go upstairs, etc.). Or, of course, if it's set before the end of the season, the memory bit can be ignored entirely.

As far as prompts/scenarios go: Addressing canon events--especially from Kat's point of view--would be great. Why does she stay with Aidan if she thinks he's sketchy? How does this relate to her previous track record? What did Nora tell her? Alternately, going away from canon would be great too. Maybe Kat has a supernatural issue that Aidan helps her with? A young relative who sees ghosts? A student of hers who employs some sort of curse? Or a non-supernatural issue? A friend in need of "brute strength"? Or Aidan meeting Kat's family or colleagues or friends? Or a double date with Josh and Nora? Or just a general Kat-learns-Aidan's-secret story?

Whatever happens, I don't particularly want to see them miserably broken up at the end, and I definitely don't want to see Kat dead because of Aidan. I'd also prefer if Aidan weren't too much the bad guy--no mass killing sprees or anything like that.

I'm happy to read pre-Aidan/Suren in the 1930s (or earlier) or Aidan/Suren in season two. Or even Aidan dealing with things after season two. I don't have a lot of specific ideas here, but it seems like it could be an interesting opportunity to explore the culture, politics and hierarchy of vampire society, or the role of family among vampires. Aidan's relationship with Bishop (and/or Henry, or even Carlo in the '30s) and/or/vs Suren's relationship with Mother. Morality. Or the changes the two of them went through over those eighty years. Or something introspective, maybe? Or if you want to go AU from some point in season two and change the outcome, that's fine too.

Aidan and Susanna clearly loved each other deeply, and I'd love a historical piece about that. Early lives or how they met or their relationships with family or friends or the early years of their marriage. Anything like that. Alternately, Susanna's take on Aidan's return as a vampire could be interesting too.

Josh and Nora are wonderful together by season three, and I adored their wedding. For them...maybe some sort of slice of (werewolf) life? Or something from that period between seasons two and three when it was just the two of them? What were their reactions at the end of season two? Or how did they get to where we saw them at the beginning of season three? Or Nora meeting Josh's family. Or something where they're interacting with "muggle" friends or colleagues. Or dealing with some supernatural challenge at the hospital. Or planning out their future together.

Max was so sweet! I was a bit disappointed that he learned so little about what was going on, although that might have been better for him. If you want to fill in something form season two, that would be great. Or maybe something post-season three? Maybe Max acquires the ability to see Sally? Or finds out about Aidan, Josh, and/or Nora in the process of sorting out what happened to Sally? Or Sally's watching over him a bit when he gets caught up in some other supernatural problem? Or Sally watches him move on? Whatever you can think of, really. Traditional romance not required.

Stargate: SG-1 - Cam/Sam, Cam/Carolyn

Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell
I fell in love with Sam/Cam through fic, and came to appreciate episodes like "Line in the Sand" through that. I really like that Sam and Cam seemed to have a solid friendship even before Cam joined SG-1, and I kind of love the idea of the two of them growing old together. I'm always up for a "how they get together fic." Mission fic could also be fun--working together to escape a hostage situation or faking marriage or dealing with the end of the world or any of the numerous popular Stargate ship tropes. Or maybe looking at how they deal with the distance when Sam is away on Atlantis. Or Sam meeting/hanging out with Cam's family or Cam meeting/hanging out with Sam's family. Or dealing with the declassification of the Stargate program. Or their relationship ten or twenty years from now. Pretty much anything that has them together and happy with each other.

Cameron Mitchell/Carolyn Lam
There's not a huge amount of canon to work with here, but that just means more flexibility, right? :) I love both characters: Cam's laid-back leadership and competence and courage, and Carolyn's snark and spine and scientific curiosity. I think they could be good together.

Some possibilities: How do they get together? How might Carolyn feel about dating an Air Force officer given her relationship with her father? What would Landry think if he found out? What's it like keeping this secret in common, when dealing with civilians? What's it like knowing everything, including when the other person is in danger? Or working together through some mission/emergency.

Due South - Fraser/Smithbauer, Thatcher/Welsh

Mark Smithbauer is kind of an ass for most of "The Blue Line," but the ending (and Fraser's enduring loyalty) suggests he can do better than that. I'd like to see him given the opportunity to try.

I'd love something that focuses on Mark and Fraser developing an ongoing relationship as adults (either at some point after "The Blue Line," or canon-ish AU from "The Blue Line" if you want to play with the timeline or keep Mark in hockey). I'll take almost anything as long as it's more than a one-night stand and a vague promise to keep in touch.

If you'd like specific suggestions: I always enjoy first time stories. Realizing their mutual interest or figuring out how things might work if they try for a romantic relationship. Or Fraser helping Mark figure out what to do next without robbing him of agency or single-handedly saving him. Or seeing one of them drawn into the other's world a little (hockey/post-hockey or police work or both). Or one turning to the other for help with something. Or something lighthearted, a holiday or a party. Or a trip back to Inuvik. Or meeting each other's friends. Or coming out to old friends. Or dealing with things if Mark came out publicly, deliberately or accidentally. Or Mark being an ass, and then finding a way to make up for it.

I really like the idea of taking Thatcher and Welsh, two characters who are very much alone, and letting them find their way to each other. Maybe bonding over the issues of dealing with their subordinates? Or their common love of cities? Or getting together over the course of some emergency? Or classics like dealing with family?

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