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Shipswap Reveals and More Exchanges

Author reveals are up at shipswap. I received a great Flashpoint fic: Oblivious (Spike/Winnie) from kalisgirl. I really wasn't expecting something from Flashpoint, so that was doubly exciting. For my part, I wrote an Alt!Olivia/Alt!Lincoln Fringe fic set in an AU of season four.

And speaking of shipswap, apparently rare is in right now! rarepairfest sign-ups closed last night, and there's a rare characters exchange starting up soon at [community profile] rarecharacters | rarecharacters. Still waiting on the details, but it might be fun, especially for those of you who tend to fall in love with someone other than the main character(s).

There's also another new exchange happening at [community profile] tagyourit | tagyourfic where participants will be matched on fandom and trope rather than character or pairing. Like [community profile] rarecharacters, this is still in the preliminary planning stage, but I think it could be an interesting experiment.

ETA: If anyone's looking for a more general exchange, nominations are open at [community profile] ineedmyfics.

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Tags: evil enabler, exchange: shipswap, fanfic
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