skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

Space Swap!

Because I haven't modded anything with [personal profile] colls in ages, and because you can never have too many spaceships.

[community profile] space_swap space_swap

A multimedia exchange for space fandoms of all sorts, including television series, movies, and books.

Schedule | FAQ

This is open to all fandoms in which someone went into space at some point. TV shows, movies, books...whatever. As long as it featured people in space.

Rough, carefully-planned-not-to-conflict-with-Yuletide schedule: the promoting of fandoms will begin later this month, nominations will begin in November, and sign-ups will take place in January.

(P.S. If anyone spots any major problems with the comm--typos, lack of clarity, major date conflicts we may not be aware of, please let us know!)

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Tags: evil enabler, you can never have too many spaceships
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