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TIFF time!

I went down to see Belle at TIFF today. It was good! The movie was apparently inspired by an 18th century painting, and all of the information the creators could find about the girls in the painting. Really interesting. There was a surprise Q&A with the cast and the writer/director at the end, which was also awesome. I was a little worried when I got there--I was forty minutes early and the ticket-holders line-up already extended more than three blocks--but one of the advantages of going to see a movie alone is lots of flexibility in seating. (I'd never been in the Winter Garden Theatre before; it was gorgeous! The whole ceiling is covered with leaves and lanterns. Very striking.)

I'm hoping to make one more TIFF movie before the festival ends. I'll have to see what else I can get tickets for.

After the movie, I took a detour to buy a new external hard drive, in the hopes of cutting down my current selection from six to something more reasonable. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the old ones, but anything is better than having them take up space on my desk. (Truthfully, I'd like to get a new desk, with useful features like a keyboard tray and some drawers. But I think that will have to wait a while.)

I'm supposed to be posting ten posts in ten days for a challenge at universe_the. Uh, anyone have anything they want me to talk about?

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