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Spook Me

Day two of the ten posts in ten days challenge.

I got my spook_me prompts yesterday.

This year's prompt theme is Tarot cards, and I indicated I'd be writing either ghosts or robots. (Ghosts because I was thinking of writing Being Human and I can think of a few good ghost stories to tell in that fandom, and robots because Sam Witwer once said his preferred fate for Aidan was to have him go down protecting Josh and Sally from giant robots, and I think it would be funny to throw robots into that particular fandom. But ghosts will probably be easier to write spooky fic for, so that's probably what I'll do.)

So, the prompts. According to the rules, we can look up the meaning, or just go by the picture.

For ghosts, I got the Four of Wands and the Ace of Swords.

Based purely on the picture, the Ace of Swords suggests some sort of poltergeist scenario. The meaning of the card is "raw power, victory, break-throughs, mental clarity." I like the meaning, but poltergeists on their own aren't inspiring me right now.

The picture on the Four of Wands suggests a haunted house, which could definitely be fun. The meaning is "celebration, harmony, marriage, home, community," which might make for something interesting combined with the picture. Maybe something historical? Or the four of them (or four + others) get stuck in a haunted house one night? I'm kind of feeling like I'd like to have someone like Kat or Max along for the ride on that one.

For robots, I got The Fool and the Seven of Pentacles.

The Fool picture reminds me a bit of a Doctor Frankenstein scenario. The meaning of the card is "beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit."

The Seven of Pentacles picture is an alien world scenario. I think if I were writing that one, I'd go with something like Stargate or BSG rather than trying to cram BHUS into it. The meaning is "vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investment," which isn't immediately inspiring to me. Hmm...maybe a bounty hunter scenario?

I think Four of Wands might be the way to go. Or try to combine the two ghost prompts? Clearly more thought is required!

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