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Five things

1. I'm thinking of trying to learn to drive (again). I've had a G1 (learner's permit) for, oh, about fourteen years total (with a few breaks between), but I've never gotten as far as taking a road test, although I've taken driving lessons three times now. I really, really don't like driving, but it seems like one of those adult skills I ought to make the effort to master. So maybe it's time for another round of lessons. And maybe to see if I can sweet-talk one of my friends or sibs into taking me to practice. Actually, one of my friends is working nights right now...maybe I can talk him into a few drives in exchange for lunch.

2. My sister and brother picked up Toronto Rock season tickets. I'm debating whether to join them, or just plan on going to a couple of games this season. It's not like I'm that big a lacrosse fan and it's not like lacrosse generally sells out. I did have a good time last time, though. (We don't actually sit in our seats--we hang out in the restaurant instead--so it doesn't really matter whether our seats are together.)

3. I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale! I resisted for a while because I usually have trouble listening for an extended period, but I've actually found the format fairly easy to listen to. So much so that I managed to catch up on the entire thing in about a week. (I made a few trips downtown and back during that time, which helped. When I have successfully listened to any sort of podfic or audiobook, it's been on public transportation.)

4. Standard enabling: prompt claiming is still open at apocalypse_kree with fic due in early October, and fandom recruitment opens at [community profile] space_swap | space_swap on the 14th, in case you have any space-based fandoms you've been dying to share. Oh, and with the new TV season starting up, it might be worth checking out [community profile] tv_talk if you're looking to chat with other viewers of your favourite shows.

5. I've been asked to explain land comms, since it was a land comm that prompted this burst of journaling.

A land comm is a community (or group of communities) in which the members are divided into teams. The moderator(s) posts a variety of challenges (graphics, writing, games, puzzles, etc.) and the members do the challenges they like. Each completed challenge earns the participant (and thus their team) points. Every month or three, the points are totalled, one team is declared the winner, and everyone is reset to zero.

Some landcomms are themed by specific shows or specific show creators (JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon); others are multi-fandom (i.e., universe_the, the source of the ten entry challenge).

Okay, yeah, that's a bit dictionary-ish, but land comms are tough to explain if you haven't experienced one! Sorry.

The best parts for me are usually a) the opportunity to get to know the people on my team; and b) being forced to actually do stuff. The relatively small size of many challenges and the fact that land comms tend to favour quantity over quality sometimes makes it easier to just make things, which I find can be useful in prompting me to make other things.

Plus, hey, it's helping to revive LJ this week!

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