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Sleepy Hollow

I still need to upload my Day in the Life pictures, but in the meantime...Sleepy Hollow!

I really liked this!

They crammed a lot into that pilot. I kept glancing at my watch, not because I was bored, but because we'd covered so much ground that I figured we had to be near the end. Only, we weren't. Lots of info dumping there.

I love, love, love Abbie and Ichabod. I love Abbie's integrity and determination to do the right thing regardless of orders, and I love Ichabod's admirable equanimity in the face of everything he's going through. Plus there's great potential for sassy banter there. I also love that Abbie gets her own story and her own stake in what's going on in a way that has nothing to do with Ichabod, so that she gets to be a real partner rather than the sidekick who drives him around and interprets the 21st century for him.

I love the conspiracy angle and the fact that they're going to have to rely on each other because there's no one else they can trust.

I love the fish out of water (or rather, man out of time) element and Ichabod's confusion over Starbucks and power windows. I don't want to see him confused by the obvious for too long, because he's clearly an intelligent man who will figure things out, but I'd like to see him keep running up against unexpected differences for a while.

And I love that they're optimistically setting the show up for a seven year run! That's faith. (I'm still not sure the premise can sustain seven years--or even three or four years--but it'll be interesting to see them try.)

Also, I kind of want a crossover now with Being Human where Aidan and Ichabod bond over how things have changed since the 18th century and share war stories from the American Revolution while Abbie bonds with Josh and Nora over what it's like to suddenly discover that the supernatural is real. And then they can all team up and prevent disaster/avert the apocalypse together. :D

ETA: Here's an amusing recap for anyone who's curious, but not curious enough to actually watch yet.

So yeah, I'm definitely planning to keep watching. And I think I need some new icons.

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