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A Day In the Life

Created for [community profile] thecoffeehouse. Which is not a landcomm! Just a social community.

Step 1: Get out of bed. Resist the urge to pick up laptop and climb back into bed where it's warm. Notice that someone else has decided to ignore Step 1. (Actually, she's only in bed with me because she decided she wasn't ready to get up when my mother did, so she changed rooms.)

Next, check email. Also start working on various other computer-related tasks, including figuring out what managed to install itself on my computer when I wasn't looking. Apparently it's some sort of Windows 8 menu replacement? Except I don't have Windows 8.

Then, laundry! Followed by some quality time with my mp3 player and the treadmill.

Leftover apple and cranberry salad for lunch, and then a shower in my tiny-but-blessedly-private bathroom.

My dog has long since decided that as soon as I finish showering, it's time for her walk. Whatever time of the day that happens to be. She's very insistent about it--and is quite willing to stand beside me and bark until I comply--so off we went.

We used to cut through the park, but that's under construction right now, so we have to take another route. We did, however, stop to get the mail.

And then home again, where I dropped the dog and the mail off, grabbed my purse, and headed down the street to the post office.

This intersection is the only thing (apart from more houses) closer than a fifteen or twenty minute walk away. I love that the gas station on the corner has its own Tim Hortons, despite the fact that there's a full-sized Tim Hortons across the street.

What I'm actually after, however, is the Shoppers Drug Mart and its Canada Post outlet.

Home again for a snack, and more computer time. Mostly transcribing interviews.

Supper! Maple-Dijon salmon, Brussels sprouts, and rice pilaf, eaten with my family by the warm glow of the TV. (No photos of the cooking process, but I'm the one who usually cooks on weeknights if I'm home.)

And then dishes, followed by dessert (a butter tart--which is apparently Canadian?--and Chai tea) and Sleepy Hollow. And then, a few hours later, bed. (Yes, I stay up late. So does my whole family, actually. Come by at 1am on a Saturday and chances are you'll find everyone still up.)

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