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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author:

Thank you so much for writing for me!

I've included a bunch of information here in case you're in search of additional inspiration. I'm not too worried about whether or not you read all of it (optional details are optional!), but if you do, I hope some of it proves helpful to you.

Things I generally like: I'm fond of a variety of story types: action, plot, introspection, character studies, slice of life, etc. I also like first times of all kinds, outsider POVs, competence (so much love for competence), characters being awesome, friendship, understated romance, stories that touch on the characters' pasts, stories that pick up on dropped threads from the show, and happy, hopeful, or bittersweet endings. (Obviously not all together!)

Things I prefer to avoid or tend to be very picky about: Infidelity, incest, kink, major power imbalances in romantic or sexual relationships (including Dom/sub and A/B/O), long and detailed descriptions of recoveries from traumatic events, permanent mental or physical injuries to major characters that don't occur in canon, mpreg, and crack.

Other stuff: I'm happy to read any rating of fic, but I tend to find the lead-up more interesting than the sex, so I'd rather not go into PWP territory. Character death is okay if that's where the story takes you. I'm not enthusiastic about non-con being the main point of a story (or being committed by one of the protagonists of the fandom), but it's fine if it's in the background.

Also, because fic in these particular fandoms is so rare, I'd rather not get a complete AUs where the characters fill different roles than they do in canon (e.g., high school AUs, coffee shop AUs, hospital AUs, etc.). Canon-divergence is fine, though! (My one exception to this: Noir Detective AUs. Those are basically my bulletproof AUs, so if you're absolutely dying to write an AU, I'd encourage you to go with that one.)

And because apparently it's a common question, holiday-themed fic is fine and fic that has nothing to do with any holiday is equally fine.

(All of my requests this year are for Canadian TV shows, except Being Human. All of them have run for at least three seasons (albeit mostly of the 13-episode variety) which I'm afraid means that none of them will be quick to catch up on if you're not already familiar with them. However, if you're interested, I've included information in each section on where to find them.)

Specific Requests

I've included a bunch of story ideas here because as a writer, I like having prompts to work with. If you don't, then please feel free to ignore them. Or modify them. Or steal one from one show for another. Whatever works for you.

Also, please don't read anything into the length of my requests. I love all of these fandoms a great deal; I just have a little bit more to say about some of them.

[Being Human (US/Canada)]Fandom: Being Human (US/Canada)
Requested Characters: Aidan Waite

Note: There are spoilers in this request for season three.

Original Prompt: I love all of the characters on Being Human, but Aidan is my most enduring favourite. I'll take a story from pretty well any point in his life: his pre-vampire days, playing vampire politics with Bishop, Aidan on the job, the early days of his friendship with Josh, or working together with Nora or Sally. I'd also love a story where Aidan and Kat get to be happy together for a while.

Gen and canon pairings are both equally welcome.

(Also, I'm not expecting this at all, but if you happen to watch Sleepy Hollow, I would totally go for a crossover between the two shows. Two soldiers from the American Revolution now living in the present? There's potential there!)

A couple of things to start off:
  1. If you're writing post-season three, please feel free to ignore the cliffhangers from 3.13, either by pretending they never happened, or by treating them as already resolved without worrying too much about the details. (Of course, if you want to deal with one or more of the cliffhangers as part of your story, go ahead. But please don't feel compelled to do so--I'm sure the show will take care of that once it returns.)
  2. I like all of the canon pairings and I’m happy to see any of them included, but I'm not particularly interested in shipping the main canon characters together in non-canon relationships. (Shipping main canon characters with OCs is fine if needed for the story and so is shipping supporting characters with each other or OCs.)

I love Aidan's courage. I love that he fights so hard to be good when it would be so much easier to go back to being a monster. I love how, for much of the series, he's both the protector and nurturer in the household, looking after Josh, Nora, and Sally's safety while also looking to their emotional needs. And I love the fact that he's (mostly) good at it--that he's generally both competent and knowledgeable. (I also have to admit to kind of adoring the Aidan who confidently told Suren that no one could run Boston as well as he could. Especially if it's true.)

As far as ships go, my favourite ship is Aidan/Kat, with Aidan/Susanna running a close second, but I certainly don't mind other canon pairings or OC pairings. If you do decide to write Aidan/Kat, the one thing I'd really like to see is fic where things don't end badly for them, because I figure there's at least a 95% chance that things will end badly for them on the show. With this in mind, I'd really prefer it if Kat didn't die or get seriously harmed because of who Aidan is or something he does. I'd rather not see him more guilt-ridden over Kat than he already has cause to be. (On the other hand, having Aidan feel good and guilty about the memory tampering--or going AU where that doesn't happen, or writing at a point where that's been dealt with and resolved--could all be good things.)

Some more specific ideas (in no particular order):
  • Aidan/Kat! I think they're adorable together, geeking out over history and comparing romantic pasts. I'd love to see more of Aidan supplying her with historical details and her wondering how he knows, or Kat running into a supernatural problem (Family curse? Haunted classroom? Student who confesses to Kat they see ghosts?) that Aidan is able to help her with, or Aidan being put in a position where he's forced to reveal the truth to Kat, or Kat trying to move the relationship forward by suggesting they live together and seeing where that goes or inquiring more about Aidan's family, or Aidan meeting Kat's family, or two of them dealing with some sort of crisis together.

  • Anything with Aidan and children would be awesome. Maybe a child patient, or maybe Kat has young relatives they spend time with, or maybe he bonds with another neighbour, or maybe you want to write an AU where Bernie never took the wrong movie and he and Aidan got to continue hanging out.

  • Aidan/Susanna! I'd love to see something about their courtship or their early years of marriage. How they fell in love or what their daily lives were like with friends or family or the rivalry with Reverend Herring before they married, or their hopes for the future or their feelings on the revolution and Aidan leaving to right.

  • Aidan's apparently been a nurse for a long time (at least if he was working as a nurse in the ER in the eighties when Tony died, rather than being there for some other reason). I wouldn't mind seeing a hospital-based story for him, past or present. Maybe a patient has a supernatural problem that Aidan tries to help with, or maybe something about his relationships with other staff members there, or maybe just a day-in-the-life piece. Or maybe he's worked in other environments? Combat medic? Prison nurse?

  • As I said in my prompt, I'd love to see more of Aidan and Josh in the early days of their friendship, before they become roommates. Something about Aidan introducing Josh to the whole supernatural world, or the two of them doing...whatever they did together back then?

  • I love twisty vampire politics, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of the days when Aidan played politics with Bishop. Something about the two (or three/four, if you want to include Carlo and/or Henry) of them preparing for Mother and Suren's visit, or what that visit was like from their perspective as the ruling family of Boston, or really, any sort of world building you want to do for vampire society. (I'd rather not focus too heavily on Aidan going around killing humans if you go this route. I'm more interested in his relationships with other vampires.)

  • Bishop says Aidan is known as the Great Warrior; Blake calls him a legend of war. How did he get that reputation? (Supernatural war? Vampire civil war? Human wars? Individual feats of valour?) Alternately, there was apparently a whole thing about Aidan and witches and how he knew so much that was cut from season three. So how does he know so much?

  • I'd also love to see Aidan and Nora teaming up in some crisis and really bonding as friends.

  • Finally, as I mentioned in my original prompt, IF you happen to watch Sleepy Hollow and IF you enjoy writing crossovers, I see a lot of potential in a Being Human/Sleepy Hollow crossover. Mostly I want to see Aidan and Crane hanging out, bonding over how things have changed over the past couple of centuries, or Aidan helping Crane adapt to the modern world. Maybe they knew each other back in the 18th century and then run into each other again in current times, or maybe they meet now, and somehow realize how much they have in common. Either way, I'd kind of like them end up on the same side, whether battling monsters or just hanging out. Possibly while Abbie tires to figure out how she ended up with TWO men from the 18th century on her hands (or gratefully allows Aidan to explain a few things she hasn't felt comfortable talking about), and Josh, Sally, and Nora all start panicking about the possibility that the end of the world is imminent. (I will always happily accept gen, but I'll also happily take Aidan/Ichabod slash, as long as it doesn't involve infidelity or denying that both of them deeply loved their wives. If you go this route, feel free to brush over why Aidan/Kat didn't work out and how Crane came to terms with what happened to Katrina.)

If you're interested in watching Being Human US/Canada, the first two seasons can be seen on Netflix US and Amazon Prime and are available on DVD/Blu-ray. Season three is available for purchase on digital sites, but doesn't seem to be out on DVD yet, which means it's not on Netflix either.

[The Collector]Fandom: The Collector
Characters: Morgan Pym, Maya Kandinski

Original Prompt: I'd love to see a story that explores Morgan and Maya's relationship after Maya finds out the truth about what Morgan does. Something that answers some of the questions left unanswered at the end of the show would be lovely, or something addressing the UST, or just a client of the week case where Maya knowing the truth enables her to help Morgan in some way. Gen/canon UST or full-out ship would both be awesome.

Morgan can be a difficult character at times, but I love his persistence in trying to help others despite having no hope that he'll ever achieve salvation himself. I also love Maya's stubborn efforts to rebuild her life and take advantage of her second chance, and her courage in being willing to go to hell to save someone else.

My main desire here is to see more of what happens after Maya learns the truth. Seeing her learn more about what collectors do, or hearing stories about Morgan's past, or just making use of the fact that Maya is the only person Morgan sees regularly who knows the truth would all be good. What does it mean for Morgan to have someone he can talk to? What does it mean for Maya to know all the truth? Does Maya ever meet any of the other people Morgan has saved?

From a ship perspective, Maya and Morgan's relationship seems to run hot and cold, largely due to Morgan pulling away at key moments (and confessing his love at the most inconvenient times). I'd love to see something that addressed that. Is it Morgan's attempt to protect Maya from the devil? From himself? Is he not used to the idea yet that he can talk to her without sending her to hell? Is there something else going on? Even if they don't end up together, it would be interesting to see them talk about their relationship.

If you want to go in a completely different direction, something about Maya's job or her friendship with Taylor would be awesome. I'd also enjoy something about Morgan's hobby as a medical researcher--how does he do it, what other discoveries really came from him, etc. If you're going this route, I'm okay with only including one of the two characters in the story.

If you're feeling ambitious, I'd adore seeing someone address one of the many plotlines left dangling after cancellation. Gabriel's purpose, or why the devil agreed to let Morgan try to save people, or what the other collectors think of Morgan, or what role heaven is playing in all of this, or whether Morgan will ever achieve any sort of salvation, or why the devil wanted Morgan to take Maya to Europe. Again, I'm okay with leaving Maya out of this kind of story if the plot doesn't lend itself to her presence.

The first two seasons of The Collector were released on DVD and it might still be possible to track down copies. I don't think it's streaming anywhere.

[The Listener]Fandom: The Listener
Requested Characters: Toby Logan

Original Prompt: I'd love a story that explores the implications of Toby's telepathy. What it was like growing up as a telepath, or what effect it has on his relationships with McCluskey or Klein, or maybe a story about how Toby helps someone outside of his "consulting" job. Or if you want to go back and address some of the dropped plotlines from season one, that would be fantastic too. Or maybe look at what's ahead for Toby and Tia.

I love the premise of the The Listener. A telepathic paramedic! Or a telepathic police consultant! Either way it's kind of awesome, especially when it gets into the issues that can arise from being a telepath in a world where most people don't know telepathy exists.

I love Toby's compassion, and his inability to walk away from people who need help. I love that he chose to be a paramedic so he could help people. I love that he managed to hold onto all of this despite the challenges of his childhood. I love Toby's friendship with Oz, and the relative ease with which Oz accepts Toby's abilities, even if he does sometimes try to turn them to his own advantage. I love the IIB team's competence and dedication to their jobs.

As I said in my original request, I'd really like to see the idea of telepathy followed through somehow. What was it like growing up in all those foster homes? What was school like? What it's like for Michelle or Alvin or Dev to work with Toby knowing he can read their minds? (Or, if you want to go back to season one, what was it like for Charlie and why did she seem exceptionally uncomfortable with it? Or bring Becker and his suspicions in--in season one or now--and deal with/resolve them somehow.) Are they ever tempted to ask Toby for help with a personal issue? Are there circumstances under which he would say yes? What would he do if he unintentionally heard something from one of them that he felt he couldn't just leave alone?

Or now that Toby can be honest with Tia, I'd love to see more of what their relationship might look like. How much will he tell her about his past? What's day-to-day life like for them? Is there a situation in which his need for secrecy might conflict with her job as a journalist? Etc.

Something more action-oriented, like a personal problem or local emergency would be fun too. Have something pop up where they really need a telepath. Put them in the middle of a local crisis. Let Toby be a paramedic again and have IIB along for the ride. Have Toby run into one of the other foster kids he used to know, or maybe some of his former foster parents.

Alternately, if you wanted to pick up the season one storylines about Toby's missing mother and/or kidnapped-as-an-infant brother, or address the fact that some less-than-savoury people might find great value in having their own pet telepath and what that could mean for Toby's safety, that would be fantastic too.

If you're not feeling inspired to write Toby, I'd also love more fic about McCluskey and Klein. Anything about their backgrounds and histories, or how they know each other, or McCluskey's marriage, or Klein's political maneuverings and apparently very active social life. We don't know a lot about them, so feel free to fill in the details!

One last possibility: As of episode 3.08 of The Listener, The Listener and Flashpoint are officially set in the same universe. If you happen to watch both and feel like writing a crossover, that would be awesome too. The IIB and Team One working together in some capacity, or paramedic!Toby called in as support for Team One, or Team One called in to rescue the IIB team, or Spike being temporarily seconded to the IIB while Dev is away or anything along those lines. Bonus points if it leads to a situation where someone's wondering how Toby could possibly know what he knows. Whether or not the secret comes out is up to you, just as long as Toby doesn't blurt it out on first meeting. (I'm also good with hooking up Toby and Spike, if you want to go that way. Just please avoid having either cheat on other partners.)

If you're in Canada, you can watch all four seasons of The Listener on the CTV website.

[Murdoch Mysteries]Fandom: Murdoch Mysteries
Requested Characters: William Murdoch, James Pendrick

Original Prompt: Pendrick once told Murdoch that they ought to be friends because they have so much in common. I'd love a story where Murdoch and Pendrick are finally on the same side, and Murdoch doesn't end up suspecting Pendrick of some terrible crime. Maybe one of them decides it's time to promote closer ties. Maybe they're forced to work together in some difficult situation. Maybe Pendrick steps in and helps Murdoch in a difficult situation. Or just jump ahead and show what their friendship/relationship might look like after it's established. Gen and slash are equally welcome.

These two have so much in common as men of science who are enthralled with the future that it seems a shame that the show always sets them at odds. I'd really like to see them finally come together as friends, maybe allied in some project of science or on some adventure together.

Alternately, I'd love to see them as a couple, if you're inclined that way. I kind of like the idea that the reason Murdoch gets so exasperated so quickly around Pendrick is because Murdoch's secretly attracted to Pendrick (and perhaps unaware of that fact). (This might be a tricky relationship to write about, given the era, Murdoch's faith, and his reactions in the episode that dealt with the 19th century gay subculture, and if you want to write gen, that's totally fine. On the other hand, if you feel up to it, I'd love to see something that worked through these issues and created some possibility for the two of them to be happy together. Not necessarily Issue Fic, but maybe something that addresses the fact that Murdoch's likely to feel a little conflicted about the whole thing?)

  • Maybe Murdoch apologizes for all the times he's suspected Pendrick of murder and they carry on from there.

  • Maybe Pendrick is stubbornly determined to finally win Murdoch over, and takes steps to do so.

  • Maybe one helps the other with some problem, big or small.

  • Maybe they're forced to rely on each other in some crisis. (Snowed in? Lost in the woods? Once again battling American spies? Feel free to embrace the tropes.)

  • Maybe some other (trope?) situation arises that forces them to acknowledge their feelings? (I'd rather not bring outright magic into the show because SCIENCE!, but if you want to have someone invent bracelets whose wearers can't be more than twenty feet apart without passing out, or a hat that allows its wearer to read minds, or anything along those lines, I'd be all over that.)

  • Or maybe they've gotten past all that and are now engaged in some grand adventure together.

Whatever strikes your fancy, really, as long as the two of them are finally friends or allies. (Or lovers. If you choose to write slash, I'm perfectly happy to ignore or skim over why William/Julia didn't work out rather than make one of them the villain. Or go AU from one of their break-ups. Maybe Julia never returned from Buffalo. Maybe she remained happily married to Darcy. Whatever approach you like, as long as it doesn't involve William cheating on Julia. If you don't choose the slash approach, I'm perfectly happy to have William/Julia in the story, because I quite like them together. In fact, Julia is welcome either way, if she happens to fit the story, because she'd be right in there with them celebrating Science and Progress. But you don't have to cram her in if she doesn't fit.)

The first three seasons of Murdoch Mysteries are available on Netflix US, and the first five are available on Amazon Prime. If you're in Canada, you can watch seasons five and six, and what's aired so far of season seven, on CBC's site.

Final Notes

I'm skieswideopen on AO3 as well.

If somehow what I have above isn't enough, there's a little more on the things I like and don't like here. Please don't feel you have to read that, though, unless you really, really want more information.

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