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Universe, The - Alternate Endings Challenge

Show: Being Human US/Canada
Episode: 3.13 "Ruh-Roh"
Word Count: 280

Aidan stared across the street at Kat's front door and tried once again to imagine what he might say that would make her understand. Or that would at least keep her from slamming the door in his face and dialing 911.

Nothing sprang to mind.

Eventually, he took a deep breath, adjusted his sunglasses, and crossed the street. Maybe the words would come when he actually saw her. Damn Blake for disappearing right when he needed her. This would have been so much easier if Blake had been here to compel her--or if Aidan were better at compelling himself.

He winced at the expression on Kat's face when she opened the door and saw him. He'd never wanted her to be afraid of him. "Kat, please," he said, moving closer. "Let me explain."

She took a step back. "There was a dead body in your house! How do you explain that?"

"Let me come in and we can talk about it."

"I was going to call the police," she said, "but what the hell would I say? My boyfriend keeps a corpse in his spare room?"

She began to close the door. Aidan put up a hand to stop her.

"I didn't kill her. We didn't...look, if you don't trust me, trust Nora. She's one of your best friends. Do you think she'd kill someone? Do you think she'd keep a body in the house without a good reason?"

Kat hesitated.

"If you don't want me to come in, then take walk with me," Aidan said coaxingly. "Let me explain."

He could see the moment when he won, suspicion giving way to uncertainty. And something else. Hope.

"Okay," she said.

Show: Forever Knight
Episode: Series Finale
Word Count: 273

Nick stared down at Natalie as if he could wake her by force of will. Beside her, a heart monitor beat a steady, reassuring rhythm. She was still here, he told himself. As bad as it had been, it could have been worse.

He heard a swish of fabric behind him; turned his head as Janette joined him at Natalie's bedside.

"You were fools to even try it," she said. "If Lacroix had not gotten there in time..."

"I know," Nick said. He'd relived the moment a thousand times in his head, his teeth in Natalie's neck. The taste of her blood on his tongue. Drinking and drinking, trying to time it just right. And then feeling Lacroix yank him off. Seeing Natalie pale and unmoving on the floor.

"You were never a good judge of when to stop," Janette said. She reached out, pushing a strand of Natalie's hair away from her forehead. "Will the good doctor live?"

"They think so," Nick said. It had been touch and go for the first day, but he'd though the doctors had started to look more hopeful, the nurses less grim. Her heart, at least, beat steadily.

"Amazing, isn't it? Modern medicine? To think they can now save someone so far gone that we can't even bring them across."

"She was lucky," he said.

"Yes," Janette agreed. "And now? What's next for you? Wait until she recovers and then try again?"

Nick shook his head slowly. "No. I need to stay until she's awake. I need to know she's really okay. But after that..." He paused. "I think it will be time to move on."

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