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TV Round-up: Canadian edition

Republic of Doyle
Seriously, show? Okay, I knew that Jake and Leslie wouldn't be allowed to have another season of being happy together, but seriously? She was right downstairs! He could have taken two minutes to tell her what was going on before running off. Talk about artificial obstacles to happiness.

Murdoch Mysteries
I'm so behind on this. But Pendrick! And Murdoch calls him by his first name! Before quickly reverting back to last name formality. And Pendrick trusts Murdoch! Even though he doesn't know why! (I'm generally a Murdoch/Ogden fan in canon, but this episode is totally fodder for my Yuletide request. And probably all we'll see of Pendrick this season.)

Is anyone watching this? Is it any good? Worth picking up?

Trying not to say too much, 'cause the Leafs invariably fall apart mid-season, but wow. It's almost like they know how to play the game!

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Tags: cancon, fandom: murdoch mysteries, fandom: republic of doyle, there's no such thing as too much tv

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