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Canadian Screen Awards + Remix Time

Orphan Black took ten awards at the Canadian Screen Awards this year, including best drama series, a best actress in a drama series award for Tatiana Maslany, best supporting actress for Maria Doyle Kennedy, and best supporting actor for Jordan Gavaris. So a good night for them.

In completely unrelated news, Remix Redux 11 is running this year at remixers_lounge. There's a poll up now about what fandoms should be added, if anyone feels like participating. Current contenders include Arrow, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, and Teen Wolf.

(I'm not sure yet if I'm going to participate, but looking through my own stuff, I think the only things I currently qualify for are SGA and SG1. Well, and Forever Knight, but that's not one of the official options. Apparently I lack fandom commitment.)

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