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Dear Sci-Fi Fic Swap Author

Dear Sci-Fi Fic Swap Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I love all of these fandoms (sci fi! yay!) and I'm so looking forward to seeing what you write!

So first, this is all optional. If you have a brilliant idea for a story, please go ahead and write it, and don't worry about my specific requests. I'd rather just read a good story. (Although if you can try to avoid my "do not wants," I'd appreciate that.)

Second, I'm flexible on both genre and rating. Action, introspection, plot, character studies, slice of life, gen,'s all good. And anything from G to NC-17 is absolutely fine. (I put a limit of explicit on most of my requests, but please don't feel that you have to go there; I was just trying to avoid limiting your options.)

If you want more info:

Things I Like: In general, I'm a fan of first times of all kinds, competence (so much love for characters being competent!), friendship, understated romance, secrets being revealed (or concealed), stories that draw on the characters' pasts, and stories that pick up dropped plot threads. Happy fic is good, and so is mild to moderate angst with a happy or hopeful or bittersweet ending.

Things I'd Rather Not Read: Major power imbalances in romantic or sexual relationships (including Dom/sub and A/B/O), PWP, long and detailed descriptions of recoveries from traumatic events, permanent mental or physical injuries to major characters that don't occur in canon, and crack. I'd also rather avoid a complete AU (coffee shop AUs, high school AUs, etc.), although fork-in-the-road AUs are lovely. (The one exception to that is a noir detective AU. I'm always up for a good noir detective AU, especially one with sci-fi themes.)

Other Things: I have squicks but no triggers. I'm okay with character death, including main characters. Non-con is fine in the background if it's needed for the story, but I'd rather it not be the primary focus of the story, and I'd prefer it if none of the protagonists were responsible.

I also have a bunch of rambling about what I like and don't like in fic here. Please don't think it's necessary to read that! I'm just dropping the link in case all of my specific suggestions have you pulling out your hair, and you're desperately seeking an alternative idea.

Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Lee Adama & Laura Roslin

Lee and Laura's relationship was one of my favourite things about the first season of BSG; I loved Laura as Lee's political mentor, and I loved Lee tutoring Laura on the military and trying to facilitate her relationship with his father. Awesome times!

For this, I'd love to see them with a supportive rather than antagonistic relationship. Or slowly reconciling and moving back toward a supportive relationship. Or at least something more complicated than pure antagonism. I'm totally good with a friendship fic here, because I'm rather fond of Laura/Bill and don't necessarily want to see them broken up/never get together. But if you have a brilliant idea for Lee/Laura, go for it.

Specific, totally optional suggestions: something about Laura's thoughts on Lee early on, or some sort of exchange of advice (personal or professional), or Laura's influence versus Romo's. Or a general action story is good too. Or an AU where Lee stepped in as Laura's political heir some other way. Or an alternate ending to the show, maybe one that doesn't involve them abandoning all technology. Or whatever else you can think of.

As far as related ships go, I loved Laura/Bill and I'll happily read about any combination of Lee/Kara, Lee/Dee, and Kara/Sam. (Really, I'll read just about any canon pairing. And also Lee/Sam. Or Kara/Sam/Lee. In case you need ships to make the story work.)

Earth: Final Conflict
Pairing: Liam Kincaid/Renee Palmer

I love Liam & Renee's friendship on the show, with their unconditional support and smooth partnership (at least once they're past their initial trust issues). I'm good with either gen or ship fic here; whichever way you want to go.

If you want some ideas: For gen, anything that touches on Renee's reactions to Liam's alien heritage, or being forced to address it in some way could be fun, since she kind of dodges the issue when she first finds out. Questions about how it works, or having it come up somehow when they're on a mission, etc. Or anything around Liam's relationship with Sandoval and how he feels about that, which is something else Renee dodges on the show. Or standard case!fic is good too, battling against some new Taelon technology or dealing with issues within the resistance. Or maybe another undercover-as-a-couple scenario, perhaps longer-term than they generally did on the show? Or just hanging out.

If you want to take a more shippy approach...Liam and sex/romance are kind of complicated issues, given his background. If you'd like to explore that somehow--how he integrates the memories and experiences of his parents to form a coherent basis for his own personality and decisions and what that means in a romantic or sexual context or something along those lines, that could be interesting. (Clearly he's an adult by our standards, but how does it actually work for him?) Or maybe it's Renee who's concerned about it, while Liam is nonchalant.

Alternately, if you'd like to do something tropey like Taelon-created sex pollen or a portal malfunction leading to a temporary body swap, that could be fun too. Or go more serious. What would it mean for the resistance if its two leaders became involved with each other? What would happen if Sandoval or Da'an or Zo'or found out? And so on.

Or talk about what happens to them post-series, romantic or gen.

Pairing: Riley Neal/Gabriel Vaughn

There are so many things I love about Riley and Gabriel. I love that they're both super competent and both regularly get moments to shine. I love how protective they are of each other. I love the snark. I love that Riley is willing to protect Gabriel, but refuses to be the one to keep him in line--that she decides early on that he has the right to look for his wife, and she's not going to stop him. I also love that she pushes everyone, including him, to remember that he's human. I love that they both do what they think is right, rather than what they're ordered to do. And I love how much they respect and trust each other.

As far as this story goes, I'm equally happy with gen or ship fic here. Tropes like drunken confessions and undercover as a couple could be fun. Mission fic is always great, especially if it involves new and creative uses for the chip. So is more of Gabriel's mother (or other relatives), or maybe something about Riley's family? A wedding? A funeral? A high school reunion? (I don't know how you'll fit the chip in there, but surely something can be done.)

I'd also welcome more about other people in Cyber Command, if you want to go there as well/instead. Pre-series stuff about Gabriel and Shen or Gabriel and Lillian could be interesting. Or Shen and Lillian, in the early days of the program. Or picking up threads from the show, like the Athens list, or finding the sleeper agent who's the potential presidential candidate, or maybe tracking down some of the other people from the photo, or finding out what Leland was up to, or looking at how and whether Amelia really turned (and why she warned Gabriel about the hospital). Or just more about how they go about rebuilding the intelligence community after stopping the initial rise of the Flood.

Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell

I really like that Sam and Cam seemed to have a solid friendship even before Cam joined SG-1, and I love that they work together as competent professionals rather than competing for the leadership of SG-1. I also kind of love the idea of the two of them growing old together.

If you're interested in writing ship fic for the two of them, I'm always up for a "how they get together fic." For ship or gen, mission fic could also be fun--working together to escape a hostage situation or faking marriage or dealing with the end of the world or any of the numerous popular Stargate ship tropes. Or dealing with the declassification of the Stargate program. Or talking about the future and what they want from it. Or their relationship ten or twenty years from now. Or just hanging out on Earth, with the team or with family or on their own. Whatever you feel moved to write.

Once more, thank you for writing for me!

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