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The Big One Part 3

Various Intelligence stuff for universe_the. Gabriel-centric.

Drabble #1
It's clear from their first meeting that deference is not Gabriel's style. He's not rude, exactly. Just outspoken. Unusual for a soldier, but Delta Force was always its own thing.

Lillian already knows from his record that he's not inclined to obey orders he disagrees with. It's not obvious, but she's had decades to learn to read between the lines. The fact that it's a story only told between the lines suggests competence.

It worries her a little, giving the chip to a man like that. But less than the thought of giving it to a man who always obeys.

Drabble #2
Lillian Strand wants to see her. Riley has no idea why--there was no chance to ask--but the name alone is enough to persuade her to make the drive to Angle's Bluff. Everyone--well, every woman in her field--knows who Lillian Strand is. Driven, tough, ambitious, smasher of glass ceilings, and role model for a whole generation of women in the security and intelligence fields.

And somehow she's heard about Riley. Wants to meet her. To talk to her. Riley has no idea what she's going to say. An opportunity, the message said. Whatever it is, Riley suspects she'll probably say yes.

One hour, twenty minutes: Intelligence icons (fifteen minutes each for icons 1, 2, 3, and 8, and 5 minutes each for the remaining icons)
One hour: Intelligence gifs (clipping, capping, experimenting with various editing approaches, putting gifs together; fifteen minutes per gif)
Forty Minutes: Intelligence drabbles (twenty minutes each)
Total: three hours

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