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Today's the last day to sign up for the next round of owememafia, if anyone's free this weekend and wants to play.

So, TV.

Is it just me, or does The Mentalist seems to be pushing Jane/Lisbon this season? Rigsby commenting that he thought Jane and Lisbon would get together. Jane looking longingly at Lisbon while she goes on dates with her new love interest. Jane sitting by himself, looking very lonely. I don't know if they'll actually go there, but I won't be surprised if they do. Unless they have him get together with Fischer instead.

Believe! I'm still really enjoying this. And it was nice to see them address Tate's background a bit this week, even if they did end up cramming it all into one episode. I'm not sure how Tate's going to go about clearing his name with everyone involved dead, but at least he knows what happened. And the reveal at the end was great! Now we just have to wait for the other half (and how does Bo not already know?).

I'm four episodes into Lost so far. I realized I'd actually seen the fourth episode before, so the reveal that Locke was paraplegic before he came to the island wasn't quite as exciting as it should have been. There's some good stuff there, though, with Jack resisting being the leader when it comes to tending the social/emotional needs of the group. Jin is disturbingly controlling. Kate is awesome. It's sweet watching Michael try to bond with Walt (and sweet of Locke to hand over the dog to make Michael look good). Sawyer is Josh Holloway, so I'm biased. (I'm probably the only person out there watching Lost because of Intelligence instead of the other way around.) I imagine I'll have more opinions once I watch more, and that those opinions will change once we get more info about their backgrounds. That's the way the show goes, right?

The Blacklist is back on Monday! I'm excited.

I've been pushing my workout routine lately. I was kind of coasting for a while--working out regularly, but not really pushing myself--but now I'm trying to get serious about increasing the length and intensity. I'm trying to get my running endurance back to where it used to be before knee problems struck me down. I've mostly been doing speed intervals the last couple of years, so I'm faster than I used to be, but can't go as far. Hopefully I'll be able to do it without too many knee problems--we'll see if all that money for physio pays off. And I'd also like to see if I can manage a pull-up by the end of the summer. I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but it's good to have goals, right?

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