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The Blacklist was back this week, but we didn't get much more in the way of answers. Which I guess is how that show goes; they do love drawing stuff out. It was satisfying to see Lizzie finally confront Tom, although clearly she should have watched Person of Interest and then she'd have known better than to go for his fingers. I'm doubting his claims that he's a good guy, given how readily and easily he kills his own people, but it will be interesting to see what's in that box. I just hope they give us some sort of resolution to Tom or Reddington or both by the end of the season.

This week's episode of Believe was a bit odd, but it was nice to see Bo finally realize that Tate's her father. Although I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see him broach the subject. Also, how did Tate not at least wonder, given that Bo has her mother's surname--a woman whom Tate loved and was apparently involved with for a while. Surely that, combined with the question of why Winter picked a death row inmate as Bo's guardian, ought to have made him at least consider it? Or did he think Winter was just going for someone who knows how to survive?

So the survivors on Lost have divided into two camps, the optimists and the pessimists. Or at least that's how Sawyer frames it. I'm curious if they're setting this up for future rivalry, or if they just wanted to throw a temporary wrench into the Kate/Jack relationship. It seems a bit artificial in that there doesn't seem to be any reason they couldn't all live in the caves, and just take shifts manning the beach to keep the fire go and watch for help, except that I suppose it does reflect some underlying differences in how the survivors are approaching the situation.

I'm also a little amazed at how quickly Boone apparently gets forgiven for stealing all the water. I guess that bodes well for Sawyer's eventual redemption?

1.07 was...meh. Mostly about feeling sorry for Charlie, and cementing Jack/Kate a little more, I suppose. Plus Shannon apparently can be responsible if she absolutely has to be. Oh, and Michael got to be useful, which was nice.

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