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Dear Crossovering Author

Dear Crossovering Writer,

Thanks so much for writing for me!

I have a whole bunch of stuff here, including general likes and dislikes, favourite tropes and characters, and some specific scenarios and prompts. This is intended to make things as easy for you as possible. Optional details are optional! So please take whatever is useful, and ignore the rest. Grab a trope, grab a scenario, grab half of a scenario, and take a scenario in a completely different direction, take a scenario from one fandom combo and use it for a completely different combo, or ignore it all and write your own idea. Whatever works best for you.

A few notes:
1. I prefer traditional crossovers to fusions.
2. I'm really not picky about where in each show's timeline you set the crossover, or whether the years line up exactly. Do what you need to do to make it work.
3. I pretty much stopped watching Criminal Minds at the end of season seven, after Prentiss left. I don't mind something set in later seasons, or using characters who were introduced later, and I'm not concerned about spoilers, but I might miss things in a story that requires a detailed knowledge of events that took place after that point.
4. I avoided putting SG1 and SGA in the same requests because I don't really want a crossover that's just between the two of them, but I love both and I'm equally happy to read about either, so feel free to substitute one where you see the other, or bring in characters from both in the same story.

Things I Like:
Crossover-related: Secrets concealed or revealed (ideally through necessity or the slow building of trust), outsider POVs (including how the characters from one fandom perceive the characters from another), awesome characters from both fandoms getting a chance to shine, and characters from different fandoms having some sort of shared history.

General: First times of all kinds, competence (so much love for characters being competent!), friendship, understated romance, forced proximity, road trips, and stories that pick up dropped plot threads. Happy fic is good, and so is mild to moderate angst with a happy or hopeful or bittersweet ending.

Things I'd Rather Not Read: Major power imbalances in romantic or sexual relationships (including Dom/sub and A/B/O), long and detailed descriptions of recoveries from traumatic events, permanent mental or physical injuries to major characters that don't occur in canon, and crack.

Other Things: I have squicks but no triggers. I'm okay with character death, including main characters. Non-con is fine in the background if it's needed for the story, but I'd rather it not be the primary focus of the story, and I'd prefer it if none of the protagonists were responsible.

Prompts and Scenarios

Note: The number of prompts per fandom combination has nothing to do with how much I want to read that combination and everything to do with how creative I was feeling when I wrote those prompts.

Request 1: Being Human (US/Canada), Criminal Minds, Intelligence (US TV 2014), Sleepy Hollow

Being Human US/Criminal Minds
- A string of mysterious disappearances lead the Boston Police Department to call on the BAU for assistance. Bishop and/or Aidan and/or Kenny have to redirect them away from the vampire community.
- One of the team is turned by a vampire or werewolf who doesn't stick around to explain things. They eventually find their way to Aidan or Josh or Nora for help.

Being Human US/Intelligence US
- Aidan is a witness to a crime that Gabriel and Riley are investigating. Gabriel runs facial recognition on him as a matter-of-course, and comes up with some interesting results.
- Gabriel and Riley go to Boston on a case, and wind up visiting Suffolk County Hospital on the night of a full moon.
- Aidan's made a habit of serving in the military as a way of rebooting his life (or getting the money to pay for upgrading his educational credentials). His last stint as a combat medic overlapped with Gabriel's early years in the service, which raises issues when he runs into Gabriel years later.
- What exactly does it mean to be human?

Being Human US/Sleepy Hollow
- Ichabod and Abbie need some old and specific knowledge to defeat some evil, and Aidan turns out to be the one they need to talk to. Bonus points for Ichabod and Aidan bonding over how the world has changed since their day.
- Josh and Nora never got a real honeymoon, so post-series, they decide on a trip to Sleepy Hollow, where they can't help but notice something supernatural seems to be going on.

Criminal Minds/Intelligence US
- Gabriel and Riley are sent to help the BAU with a case that has national security implications. They try to provide intel without giving away the existence of the chip.
- A member of the BAU was friends with one of the earlier Clockwork volunteers. When the candidate dies, the BAU member wants to find out exactly what happened.
- Emily Prentiss works with CyberCom while at Interpol. Gen case fic, Emily/Gabriel and Emily/Riley all equally welcome.

Criminal Minds/Sleepy Hollow
- Sleepy Hollow is hit by a regular, non-supernatural BAU-type case and the BAU is called in to consult. Irving, Abbie, and Ichabod try to help them with that case while trying to keep them from noticing all those other mysterious deaths.
- Irving has drinks with an old friend from the FBI and doesn't quite talk about what's bothering him.
- Abbie connected with members of the BAU when she was planning to be a profiler. She calls on one of them for advice.

Intelligence US/Sleepy Hollow
- Irving or Abbie meet a member of CyberComm at a law enforcement seminar.
- Gabriel and Riley show up in Sleepy Hollow in search of a fugitive and start noticing a few strange things about the place.

Request 2: Intelligence (US TV 2014), Justified, The Listener, The Mentalist, Stargate SG-1

(Feel free to bring in more than two cop shows if you like, especially if you're going with the joint task force or law enforcement seminar approach.)

Intelligence US/Justified
- Joint task force! Gabriel and Riley try to hide Clockwork from the Marshals while still supplying useful information.
- Alternately, Riley and Gabriel could be trying to beat the Marshals to a particular suspect. Particularly if it involves national security implications they can't talk about.
- Rachel looks up her old friend Riley while on business in D.C.

Intelligence US/The Listener
- mission? During which Toby accidentally reads Gabriel's mind and can't quite figure out what he's seeing.
- Gabriel is ideally suited to help Toby solve learn some of the secrets from his past. Like who he really is and what happened to his mother.

Intelligence US/The Mentalist
- Jane's more interested in figuring out who Gabriel is (and why someone in the CIA or FBI wants him dead) than he is in solving the case.
- Jameson arranges for Van Pelt (and Rigsby?) to consult on a particularly difficult case.

Intelligence US/Stargate SG-1
- One of the things Gabriel didn't mention during his intake interview with CyberComm was his stint with the Stargate Program. Then declassification/aliens attack/CyberComm runs into something not from this world/the SGC asks Gabriel for help.
- Members of SG-1 once again accidentally end up in an alternate reality. Clockwork is asked to help investigate their story.

Justified/The Listener
- The IIB gets sent down to help the Marshal Service deal with the Canadian drug connection. Toby tries not to reveal how he knows what he knows.

Justified/The Mentalist
- The FBI is sent to Kentucky on a case. Jane manages to piss off just about everyone (or at least Raylan and possibly Boyd) with his observations. Things get worse when they wind up in a stand-off with local bad guys.

Justified/Stargate SG-1
- One of Tim's friends from his Army days shows up on his doorstep, maybe on the run or maybe on assignment hunting for something. It turns out that the friend stayed in the Army after Tim left, and eventually ended up in the Stargate Program.
- An alien fugitive is on the run in Kentucky. SG-1 is sent to retrieve him without arousing too much suspicion from local inhabitants.

The Listener/The Mentalist
- Jane is convinced Toby's a fellow fraud...until he realizes that he's not.
- Teresa and Michelle bond over post-case drinks.

The Listener/Stargate SG-1
- Toby meets a member of SG-1 while on vacation, and decides to read them after overhearing one too many suspicious conversations.
- The IIB unknowingly arrests an alien/Tok'ra/SGC team member. The interrogation is more than a little confusing for Toby. (Bring on the Stargate tropes as explanation for the SGC member's strange behaviour!)

The Mentalist/Stargate SG-1
- The FBI clashes with the SGC when investigating a case involving alien technology.
- Post-declassification, the SGC reluctantly calls on Patrick Jane when negotiating with a new and challenging alien civilization.

Request 3: Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Fringe, Stargate Atlantis

- A couple of Vipers get knocked around by a spatial anomaly and find themselves picked up by Serenity...right before the anomaly starts to interfere with Serenity's life support.
- A spatial anomaly strands Serenity with the Colonial Fleet. The Fleet doesn't mind having a few more people, but Serenity would rather go home.
- Serenity's crew is stranded with the Fleet. To pass the time, Galactica's crew decides to teach them to play Triad.

- One of Walter's experiments accidentally lands the Fringe team on Galactica. Walter works with Baltar on trying to find a way home while Olivia and Peter are asked to help identify the remaining Cylons/solve a series of attacks taking place in the Fleet.
- Fringe Division is called in when a strange anomaly deposits a couple of strangers who clearly aren't from our universe just outside Massive Dynamic's headquarters. Massive Dynamic isn't too forthcoming on how they got least not until the experiment starts having other repercussions.

- A wormhole malfunction lands Sheppard's team in a Puddlejumper floating outside the Colonial Fleet. Step One: Convince the Fleet they aren't Cylons.
- A tour of Galactica for the SGA people leads to some interesting discoveries about differences in military culture, particularly related to gender.
- Roslin and Weir (or Carter or Woolsey) negotiate for settlement rights for the Colonials after the Colonial Fleet finds itself in orbit over Atlantis. Then the Wraith show up.
- Other potentially interesting character interactions: Lee &or/ John, Kara &or/ Ronon

- Ending up on Earth-That-Was is a little surprising. Finding out there are two of them even more so.
- River's been dreaming of people and places past, and of one lost and drifting man in particular.
- Where Peter and Olivia go, the Observers follow. Even when it's to another universe entirely.
- Other potentially interesting character interactions: Walter & River, Zoe & Olivia

- A spatial anomaly strands Serenity's crew on a world in the Pegasus Galaxy just as the Wraith appear to cull it.
- While McKay's busy trying to figure out how to get Serenity home, Inara and Teyla exchange some thoughts on tea and combat.
- John Sheppard doesn't remind Zoe of Wash at all, and that's a good thing.

- A quantum mirror/other alien tech strands SGA in a world where things aren't quite right and there doesn't seem to be a Stargate program, which could make getting home tricky. And then they meet Walter...
- Dangerous aliens followed the SGA team on their trip to the alternate earth. They team up with the Fringe team to stop them.

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