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One of the current challenges at gameofcards is to take photos based on ten of the topics from a thirty-day "photo of the day" meme. We had the option of doing one photo everyday or taking all of them at once, and I opted for latter. So, photos!

Day 2: Something you like

A Russian political matryoshka doll! A friend of mine brought it back for me from her trip to Russia.

Day 7: An item you purchased recently

New concealer. Sadly, I wasn't that impressed with it.

Day 11: Your bookshelf

Not so much a book shelf as four of my five bookcases. And a dog bed, for when the dog hangs out with me during the day.

Day 15: An old photo of you

I don't remember how old I was there. But notice the seventies furniture in the background!

Day 16: The view out your front door

The Japanese maple kind of cuts off the view.

Day 17: What's in your bag/purse/pockets

Okay, let's see. I've got a portable charger for my cellphone, an umbrella, sunglasses, gum, a pen, lipgloss, a little folding eco-bag, Kleenex, TTC tokens in a holder (I really need to buy more of those), a YRT transit card, house key, earphones with a mic for use with my cellphone, my wallet, and a case for carrying all of the various cards that don't fit in my wallet. Usually my cellphone would be in there too, but since I'm taking pictures with that, it got left out.

Day 22: Something you cooked

Tonight's supper: tacos!

Day 23: Your desk or work area

Two monitors for my desktop, plus one to plug into my laptop. And my old, old NASA cup for a pen holder.

Day 28: A favourite piece of clothing

I adore this jacket. I don't usually go in for brown, but I love this.

Day 30: A photo of a pet or animal

She was really intent on ignoring the camera.

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