skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

Fic Battle for Game of Cards

For catko, csichick_2, naushika, and queen_bartonia.

Welcome to our fic battle!

We didn't set a minimum/maximum per fic, so you can write what length you like. If you're looking to max out your points, you need 500 words total. (You can write more, but you won't get more points.)

The five themes are:
* endings
* holiday
* new beginnings
* roller coaster
* ultimatum

Please leave your fic here as a comment OR email it to me at lj_skieswideopen AT yahoo DOT ca. If posting here, please use a textarea box to preserve your formatting. You can copy and paste this one if you like.


If you can get it in by 11:00pm EDT on Friday, July 25th, I'll post it that night so we're all free to seek out new battles the following week. :)

ETA: The battle has been posted here and I've submitted the form for points! Yay! Thanks, everyone! That was fun!
Tags: land comm challenge
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