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Dear Rare Character Author

Dear Rare Character Author,

Thanks for writing for me! I'm looking forward to this!

First, everything here is optional. If you have a brilliant idea for a story, please go ahead and write it, and don't worry about my specific requests. I'd rather just read a good story. (Although if you can try to avoid my "do not wants," I'd appreciate that.)

Second, I'm flexible on both genre and rating. Action, introspection, plot, character studies, slice of life, gen,'s all good. And so is anything from G to NC-17. Whatever the story calls for.

If you want more info:

Things I Like: In general, I'm a fan of first times of all kinds, competence (so much love for characters being competent!), friendship, understated romance, secrets being revealed (or concealed), stories that draw on the characters' pasts, and stories that pick up dropped plot threads. Happy fic is good, and so is mild to moderate angst with a happy or hopeful or bittersweet ending.

Things I'd Rather Not Read: Major power imbalances in romantic or sexual relationships (including Dom/sub and A/B/O), PWP, long and detailed descriptions of recoveries from traumatic events, permanent mental or physical injuries to major characters that don't occur in canon, and crack. I'd also rather avoid a complete AU (coffee shop AUs, high school AUs, et cetera). However, what-if, fork-in-the-road AUs are welcome. (The one exception to the no-AU rule is noir detective AUs. I'm always up for a good hardboiled detective story.)

Other Things: I have squicks but no triggers. I'm okay with character death, including main characters. Non-con is fine in the background if it's helpful for the story, but I'd rather it not be the primary focus of the story, and I'd prefer it if none of the protagonists were responsible.

I also have a bunch of rambling about what I like and don't like in fic here. Please don't think it's necessary to read that! I'm just dropping the link in case all of my specific suggestions have you pulling out your hair, and you're desperately seeking an alternative idea.

Being Human US
Requested Characters: Any (Aidan Waite, Kat Neely, Nora Sergeant)

For Aidan, I'd love something form his past. Maybe his days when he actively worked for Mother, or what led him to decide to stop killing, or how he met Tony DePaulo. Pick an era, basically. Or something during the show would be great too. His early friendship with Josh? All three/four roommates hanging out? Aidan helping someone at some random point?

For Kat, I'd love to see how she copes after she (rightly) ends things with Aidan. What does she do now that she knows the truth about vampires and whatever else Aidan told her. Alternately--since I did adore her with Aidan even while I think it was very sensible of her to break up--I'd love to see something fun during their good times. Or something about Kat and Nora's friendship would be great too! Basically, I adore Kat and would love to read anything about her.

For Nora, post-series would be great. Anything about her life with Josh. Or, as with Aidan, seeing her help someone--either with a supernatural problem or something else--would be great too. Whatever you feel like writing, really.

Requested Characters: Gabriel Vaughn, Lillian Strand, Riley Neal

For all three characters, more about their backgrounds or their lives at CyberCom would be great.

More about Gabriel's relationship with his mother, or Riley's with either of her parents, or Lillian's relationship with her father or daughter. Or old friendships - Norris coming back to town, or someone Riley knew from the Secret Service wonders what she's doing now, or Lillian's early days with Tetazoo.

Or something about the early days of Clockwork - how Lillian got it off the ground, or the first six months of activity before Riley joined.

Or current mission fic! How do they find the rest of the Tigers? How do they identify the Flood's presidential candidate? What was Leland Strand really up to?

Or their relationships with each other, or the other characters. Lillian and Shen in their early days, or Gabriel and Jameson, maybe during some downtime.

Gabriel/Riley fic is loved too, if you want to go that way.

Anything that showcases their competence would be great, basically.

Person of Interest
Requested Characters: Sam Shaw, Zoe Morgan

For Shaw, I'd love to read a background story. Why she chose to become a doctor or how she got into the CIA or more about her relationship with her CIA partner or some case she worked in either of her three careers. Or Shaw/Root or a Shaw/OC relationship (or one night stand) would be awesome too.

For Zoe, we know very little about, so anything is great. How she got into her current job, or working a case with John or Shaw or meeting Root. A Zoe/John relationship story would be great too, especially if it addresses what she thinks about the relationship or where she thinks it might go.

Or if you want to write the two of them working together, that would be fun too. They have completely different skill sets and approaches, and something where they both get to shine a little would be awesome. Maybe Shaw needs one of Zoe's contacts, or Zoe needs some muscle, or Root sends them on a mission together? Or Shaw needs a place to hide out for a bit, or Zoe needs a bodyguard after a job goes badly and Reese is busy.

Alternately, having them hang out would be fun too. Girls' poker night? Shopping trip (...for new weapons?)?

Basically, anything that lets them shine or explores their histories would be awesome.

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