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Fanfiction Year in Review

Huh. I wrote more than I thought, actually.

There are two categories of fic here. The first list is things I wrote for exchanges; fic that was beta read and edited and posted to AO3. The second list are stories I wrote for gameofcards, which were written in a hurry, and posted unedited and untitled. Read it at your own risk.

Official, Posted-to-AO3 Fic

Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis: Plus One Guitar (John/Cam, PG-13, 3001 words)
John intervenes in an awkward situation at Vala's Halloween party.

Sleepy Hollow: Not Long Hidden (Jenny, PG-13, 584 words)
Jenny knows that the truth matters.

The Mentalist: Watching and Waiting (Jane/Cho, PG-13, 2908 words)
Jane and Cho go undercover to investigate a black market adoption scheme.

The Mentalist: From the Outside, Looking In (Team Gen, PG-13, 1236 words, Remix of Remember by kathiann)
Sometimes things go wrong. And sometimes they go very wrong. (Note: features major character death)

Intelligence: Seeking Cover (Riley/Gabriel, PG-13, 6387 words)
Riley deals with realizations about her feelings for Gabriel while the two of them follow a new lead on the Flood, brought to them by Gabriel's sister.

Justified: Bright as a Kentucky spring (Rachel/Tim, PG-13, 1949 words)
Rachel celebrates the end of her marriage, after a fashion.

Believe: Tidings of Comfort and Joy (Gen, PG-13, 2735 words)
Christmas, with all the complications one expects around Bo.

Unedited Fic

Being Human US
Couples Night, (Josh/Nora, Aidan/Kat, PG-13, 478 words)
Walking Blind (Aidan/Kat, PG-13, 525 words) - Another way Kat could have found out.

Being Human US/Criminal Minds
Emily Prentiss meets Aidan Waite

Castle and Beckett as space cops (Gen, PG-13, 1095 words)

Another Point of View (Gabriel/Riley, PG-13, 1136 words) - Body swap trope.
Empress (Gen, PG-13, 442 words) - Lillian remembers.
Gone to Ground (Gen, PG-13, 1624 words) - Private investigator AU.
In the Balance (Gen, PG-13, 1076 words) - Shen and Jameson talk.
The Long Road - (Gen, PG-13, 926 words) - Zombies!
More (Gen, PG-13, 1096 words) - Riley was fifteen when she killed her stepfather.
Partners (Gen, PG-13, 673 words) - Gabriel tries to convince Riley to go home.
Volunteers (Gen, PG-13, 688 words) - Shen and Lillian plan.

Untitled ficlet (Gen, PG-13, 1021 words) - Mal and Zoe during the war.

The Listener
Roads Untravelled (Gen, PG-13, 1035 words) - Toby talks to Michelle about the past.
Winter Running (Gen, PG-13, 1015 words) - It started with a missing necklace.

The Mentalist
A Simple Plan (Gen, PG-13, 484 words) - Jane decides they should play a game.

Everyone's from Pegasus AU (Almost John/Cam, PG-13, 761 words)

I keep meaning to edit and expand some of these. Maybe one day I will.

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