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Game of Cards 20in(almost)20

Half-drabbles and icons for gameofcards.


1. Love (Penny Dreadful, 68 words)
Ethan wishes later that he hadn't let Frankenstein take care of Brona's body. At the time, it had seemed a generous offer from a friend. And so much easier, not having to face that task, not having to deal with what was left when she was gone. But later he regrets not being able to visit where she rests and tell her how much he still loves her.

2. Close (Being Human US, 88 words)
One of the first things Aidan taught Henry was the danger of getting too close. Too close physically, of course--that way lay temptation, as Henry quickly learned--but also too close in other ways.

"They'll notice," Aidan told him early on. "Spend too much time with anyone, and they'll notice something is off. Notice that we don't age, or don't need to eat, or that our hearts don't beat. There's always something."

The only way to survive was to keep your distance. And Henry was very good at surviving.

3. Family (Intelligence, 62 words)
Riley watched wistfully as Gabriel and his mother teased each other, Mary Vaughn pushing her son to rest while Gabriel brushed her off laughingly. Riley's mother had finally started talking to her again three years earlier, after fourteen years of silence, but they'd never shared this kind of relaxed affection, even when Riley was young.

She was fairly sure they never would

4. Holidays (Penny Dreadful, 78 words)
They never did get that Christmas tree. Vanessa hadn't really expected it--she couldn't imagine Sir Malcolm as he was now actually going forth (or sending Sembene forth) to acquire a tree--but the idea had held an odd appeal for her, nonetheless. It had been so long since either one of them had celebrated a holiday.

It would have been nice, she thought, as the world once again fell in around them, to have had that one little touch.

5. Lyrics (Being Human US, 75 words)
Things we lost to the flames

One of the downsides of being a vampire, Aidan discovered, was that it became very difficult to keep track of things after a while. Possessions just seemed to disappear when he wasn't looking. Things he knew he'd owned a century ago simply weren't there one day.

And then, of course, there were the things he deliberately destroyed. Watching his old identity curl and burn in the fireplace, he pondered things lost...and the importance of forgetting.


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