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Dear ShipSwap Author

Dear ShipSwap Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I love all of the pairings I've listed here, and I'm sure I'll adore whatever you write.

First, me say that all optional details here are optional. Use 'em if they're helpful, and please feel free to ignore them if they're not. Write the story you want to write, whatever that is. (Although if you can try to avoid my "do not wants," I'd appreciate that.)

I'm afraid I've been rather specific in some of my pairing requests. I've tried to make up for it by being flexible on things like genre and rating. Action, introspection, plot, character studies, slice of's all good. And anything from G to NC-17 is absolutely fine. Fade-to-black, full-out porn, and too busy plotting/shooting/talking to even think about sex are all equally welcome. If you go the NC-17 route, please know that I'm pretty vanilla in my tastes.

Things I Like: In general, I'm a fan of first times of all kinds, competence (so much love for characters being competent!), friendship, understated romance, secrets being revealed, stories that draw on the characters' pasts, and stories that pick up dropped plot threads. Happy fic is good, and so is mild to moderate angst with a happy or hopeful or bittersweet ending.

Things I'd Rather Not Read: I'd rather avoid any sort of major power imbalance in romantic relationships (including A/B/O and BDSM AUs). I also prefer to avoid betrayal and cheating in my romantic relationships. I'm not big on long, detailed descriptions of recoveries from traumatic events. Finally, fork-in-the-road AUs are great, but I'd rather not read an AU that changes the setting or the characters entirely (e.g., coffee shop-type AUs, always-been-the-opposite-gender, crack, etc.). Well, unless it's a hardboiled detective AU. I'll always take a good hardboiled detective story.

Other Things: I have squicks but no triggers. I'm okay with character death unless otherwise indicated. Non-con is fine in the background if it's needed for the story, but I'd rather it not be the primary focus. I sometimes enjoy the happy, shiny, fandom version of dubcon featuring pre-existing attraction and no real regrets. I'm less interested in the traumatizing or severely angsty versions of the trope.

Community: Annie Edison/Black Rider

The Black Rider only shows up in one episode (2.23 "A Fistful of Paintballs"), but there was some great sexual tension with Annie in their brief encounters, and I'd love to see it go somewhere. Maybe a story where Annie gets to go see Coldplay after all. Or one where they both skip the concert for a night of hot sex. Or where she runs into the Black Rider later on in a completely different situation and they hit it off and start dating. Or whatever else you can think of, really. It doesn't have to turn in to an ongoing thing--although it can!--but regardless of how it ends, I'd rather the Black Rider not be made into a villain. Other than that, feel free to make up whatever background you want for him.

Intelligence: Riley Neal/Gabriel Vaughn or Lillian Strand/Jeffrey Tetazoo

I loved Intelligence and was very sorry to see it end so soon, and so I'm pretty much going to love anything you write for it.

For Riley/Gabriel, I love that they're both super-competent and I love that the show gave them both moments to shine. I also really love the way Riley is willing to protect Gabriel, but refuses to be the one to keep him in line--that she decides early on that he has the right to look for his wife, and she's not going to stop him. I also love that she pushes everyone, including him, to remember that he's human. I love that they both do what they think is right, rather than what they're ordered to do. And I love how much they respect and trust each other.

As far as specific ideas go, mission fic is always great, and I'm always interested in reading other people's takes on where the show would have gone, plot-wise. Alternately, tropes like drunken confessions and undercover as a couple and minor hurt/comfort (especially if Gabriel is doing the comforting) could be a lot of fun. Or maybe something involving their families, either the characters we saw, or ones we didn't. If you want to send them to some event--a wedding, a funeral, a high school reunion--that could be interesting. Or just some slice-of-life or first date or how they get together thing. Whatever you feel like writing, really. Although I would prefer that the story end with both of them still alive.

For Lillian/Jeffrey, I'm envisioning some complicated relationship from their younger days, before the show begins. Something that would explain both their present-day antagonism, and how well they know each other. But if you'd like to write them as having been involved all along, or an AU from the series finale where Tetazoo survives and gets involved with Lillian post-series, I'd definitely read that too.

The Librarians: Eve Baird/Jake Stone or Eve Baird/Flynn Carsen

This show is so much fun! I love all three of these characters and both dynamics: the way Flynn draws Eve out, and the way Eve and Jake work together so well as a team. Really, I just love all of them. As far as I'm concerned, you can embrace all the tropes here! Undercover as a couple or sharing accommodations or trapped together or a device that lets them feel what the other's feeling or whatever you like! Or stick to something more serious. Mission fic. Working together to rescue their teammates. Meeting families. Exploring how Eve and Jake hooked up in the AU where Jake was the librarian. Showing where Eve and Flynn went after they got the season finale. Whatever you feel like writing!

Scorpion: James Corbin/Walter O'Brien

Like my Community request, this one involves a one-shot character, because apparently that's a thing for me this time year. At least they're easy to catch up on? Lieutenant Jim Corbin appears in episode 1.10 "Talismans" where he and Walter save each other's lives, develop some mutual respect along the way, and then kind of, sort of start to overcome their differences at the end of the episode. I'd really love to read something that takes that a little further. Maybe they realize a mutual attraction and have a one-night stand? Maybe they recognize some common interests and develop a tenuous bond that leads to something longer-lasting? Maybe they meet again under dire circumstances--Mission fic? One needs help from the other? Zombie apocalypse?--and one thing leads to another? Or put them in an established relationship and show what happens next.

I know the show is pushing Walter/Paige, and I’m quite happy for this story to ignore that, or for their relationship not to work out for reasons that are no one's fault. However you want to write it.

Crossover Ships: Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, Emily Prentiss/Aidan Waite, Lee Adama/Sam Carter, or Anastasia Dualla/Vala Mal Doran

These are all kind of random pairings of characters I really like who I think might be interesting together. I don't really have a lot of specific requests here, but I've tried to supply some ideas. But if you can think of something else, go for it.

Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard - Both Emily and John grew up with a privileged lifestyle that they rejected for a life of service; maybe they both get temporarily and reluctantly sucked back into that life and meet that way? Or maybe their jobs lead them to cross paths? Or maybe they meet randomly in a bar or through friends or any of the ways people tend to meet? If you feel like throwing in some alien tech or one of the sci-fi tropes that Stargate lends itself too so well, I wouldn't object.

Emily Prentiss/Aidan Waite - Maybe they cross paths while Emily is in Boston on a case (or vacation)? Aidan is a witness, or she accompanies someone to the hospital, or they run into each other in a coffee shop. Or maybe she finds out something about the supernatural, and ends up getting directed to him for help. I'm thinking this is more likely to be a short-term or UST thing rather than a full-blown relationship since Emily is almost certainly going to eventually notice there's something off about Aidan, but you're welcome to go longer-term if you think you can pull it off!

For both of the BSG/SG-1 pairings, I'm quite happy to hand wave a gate accident/quantum mirror/FTL jump gone wrong that brings them together. Have SG-1's ship end up in the middle of the Colonial Fleet. Have the Fleet--or part of it--end up over Earth. Have them meet on some third planet somewhere, where they're all strangers and forced to team up. Whatever you like.

Lee Adama/Sam Carter - They're both intellectual and dedicated and inclined to play by the rules, but both with an adventurous streak, and I think they could be interesting together. (Or if you want to sub in John Sheppard instead, I'll read that too.)

Anastasia Dualla/Vala Mal Doran - I kind of want to see Vala draw Dee out a little. Have some fun together, whether it's one of them giving the other a tour of their world, or the two of them teaming up against some opponent.

If you're still feeling low on ideas, I've got more info on things I like over here. But really, you don't need to read that unless you want to. Thanks again for writing for me!

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