skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

Oooh, crossovers! Shiny!

If anyone's looking for writing inspiration (or has lots of inspiration to give), multiverse5000 is currently taking prompts for its Many Worlds Space Show Crossover Challenge. This is your chance to prompt (or write) that cracky Jayne vs. Alien piece. Or address the challenges of mistaken identity when John Sheppard ends up in the Unchartered Territories and sees his lover kissing a woman who looks suspiciously like Vala. Or have the Fleet of the Twelve Colonies jump in over Atlantis and watch them debate which is worse: the Wraith or the Cylons.

It's a pick-the-prompt-that-inspires-you challenge like apocalypse_kree, rather than an exchange ficathon, so it's relatively low pressure. Prompt claiming begins on May 1st, and the actual stories will be posted in June.

(Why yes, I do have an unnatural fondness for crossovers.)
Tags: evil enabler
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