September 17th, 2008

Toronto, Toronto blue

From blowing up the world to trick-or-treating

I've finished one apocalypse_kree story, and the second is nearly done, with just a bit more polishing to do. (Why yes, I did decide to go ultra-depressing by destroying the world twice this year. For those who are interested, one's a gen story with lots of John/Cam interaction, and the other's a John/Cam story with almost no interaction of any sort. So together they add up to almost one full John/Cam story.)

Having finished those stories, my thoughts have turned to spook_me. I got my prompts yesterday, and now I'm trying to decide whether to make it a John/Cam story or a straight-up SG-1 story. On the one hand, John/Cam is always good; on the other hand, if John's not there then Teal'c will be, and that has the potential for all sorts of awesomeness. Hmm, maybe I can have Teal'c show up halfway through and get the best of both worlds. Or maybe I should cut out the rest of SG-1 and just focus on John/Cam. If everyone is in there, this story is going to run long, and I have to get my sg_rarepairings story done too. (Not to mention the next chapter of my dissertation. Yay, data analysis?) But Sam! And Vala! I mean, Vala on Halloween would be almost as much fun as Teal'c. (Poor Daniel's getting left out no matter what, I think. He's going to be off on a convenient research trip.) Decisions, decisions.